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  1. I was recommended to Smartlock23 on instagram he also did a great job for me💢

  2. I was recommended to Smartlock23 on instagram he also did a great job for me💢

  3. I was recommended to Smartlock23 on instagram he also did a great job for me💢

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  6. I was having serious issues trying to apply for my unemployment not until I met @exceptional_tools on lG his so reliable and trusted so fast thanks so much man

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  9. I filled a new claim for unemployment November 9th 2020 and been claiming ever since every Sunday and yet still haven’t received anything and it’s now 1/13/21 a little over two months. I’ve messaged them on the department of labor website so many times also faxed and wrote to the department of labor multiple times up in Albany and still nothing. I’ve literally had to sell a lot of my shit to stay afloat it’s crazy. Thought I was the only one I’ll continue to claim every Sunday and just have to wait patiently to receive all that back pay if they ever decide to do so. Good luck guys keep ya in my prayers amen🙏🏻

  10. Phantom_hacks on insta help processed my first stimulus check which was incredibly successful, he is now processing the second stimulus which I'm sure will come good

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  12. They are sending messages saying there deducting weeks so I could end before December 26th mines ended 2 weeks ago so I know what I'm talking it has already begun y'all. Y'all need to make some noises we all do we need to make their asses do something this is ridiculously.

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  15. PUA benefits run out in 1 week, will there be an extension? Self Employed Gig Worker

  16. U.S. Always crying broke but let a War break out…
    they will have no problem finding Money.