How to apply for unemployment benefits in Texas

Know this: There are currently long wait times do the COVID-19 pandemic, and it could take up to 4 weeks to know if you’re eligible.


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  11. Manuel Salinas

    I read somewhere that they got rid the old users word or names and passwords

  12. Manuel Salinas

    Knowing your user word and password can get in system to change pin#.workintexas and t.w.c are two different animals. t.w.c are not places that u see around town.t.w.c i think required more phone time to fix issues.,problems


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  14. Eder Morales

    When it says your payment has been submitted does it mean you getting your check deposited

  15. People keep telling me to file for unemployment for the longest but I just rather waist time job searching online than to deal with this.

  16. Richard Delacruz

    Two months and still haven't got threw…

  17. Abraham SeCoE

    Please can anyone help please. I applied but omitted the previous company i worked for so I thought they only need the information from the last company I got laid off. How do I fix that?

  18. Does anybody know how to find the day I should file like a Monday Tues or Wednesday I can't find it anywhere. I already completed my log in info.

  19. Cordero Martinez

    Look I was out of work for two months and two weeks I never got my unemployment and I've already been at work for 3 weeks and still nothing Texas shut their offices down they left us to this bogus online stuff my stuff is still processing I need help I am suffering and then I come back to my job and I can only get 26 hours please Texas fix this

  20. Has anyone received the extra $600 a week benefit from the federal government that's in addition to the state benefit?

  21. Jesus Salazar

    I hope it is not much longer I've been waiting for my unemployment benefits since the 24th of last month when I finally got that letter with my pin and I filed my claims

    One of my claims last week on the 21st I messed up how do I get it resolved do I call them? The dam Automotive teller tells me that my Social Security and pin number do not match but when I go to the website and put it in it works

  22. hector cardiel

    ok so theres a way to get in contact with them if u guys have any issues whenever you go to frequently asked questions theres a tab on the right bottom side that says chat with us, click on it and i literally put F*** you i was mad, and its automatic response says sorry to hear that how can i help i put my issue which was restart claim and it said experiencing issues please fillout form with ur info and issue i filled it out yesterday and today i got it fixed i think no one is using tht method

  23. From my understanding, the waiting period should have been waived. I was supposed to recieve my payment today & recieve nothing.. I filed for unemployment on 5.1.2020, the day I was laid off… I can't get through on the unemployment line… Is anyone aware of the best time to call? I called at 7am & the line was busy

  24. peter turner

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  25. pieces of literal shit smh

  26. I got laid off applied online and received a small one week payment then came for my payment request I did it no problems and now no payment received wtf they say cause I quit or got fired or something from the automated line …now wat can I do anybody

  27. put application online, after they review and saying that I did not earn enough money to receive benefit. after that they told me to call that numbers 1-800-939-6631, but I can't ever get in the line and talk with the customer service agent no matter what time what date the phone line keep getting busy.

  28. I've tried calling that number for a month now. I already have 5 filings for unemployment and says that from oct 2018 to oct 2019 l only had 6 months of employment but wasn't laid off till march which means l have a year at job. Tele serve says l do t have enough earnings so l wont get back pay till oct? No disaster relief fund either and lm a 3rd shift supervisor at my job. There is no help and they wont answer posts, e-mail, or phone and keep saying to call that number. Please post one where they actually answer the phone. That's like giving them my phone number an leaving it on airplane mode then say " my phone hasn't rang yet ".

    I dont u understand how giving me one big chunk in oct is gonna help me now.

  29. having fun. and Good luck

  30. Savage Ninja

    I've tried it multiply times and still don't work. They should've made it easier for us to apply for unemployment benefits. It's because they don't care.😒

  31. Vallerie Boman

    I can’t remember my old user name and password and it says to reset it I have to call them I can get thru please help me!!!

  32. For self employed people getting paid cash doing odd jobs can they qualify for benefits like unemployment or qualify for any current financial programs due to what's currently going on with the covid 19??

  33. Trying to get unemployment benefits has been a nightmare. I was told I qualify but when I try 2 request payment, on the following day, I get a message my claim is being reviewed to see if i qualify. It's happened twice and now it's a month later.

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  35. Liquified Inertia

    Texans will not be penalized for a delay due to call or user volume. Claims for individuals affected by COVID-19 are eligible to be backdated. Staggering claims will provide help to reduce frustrations for many Texans and provide better access to needed services.

  36. Liquified Inertia

    They should've done this federally. But then again the New World Order doesn't care about the people just greedy gain and murdering people. God help us.

  37. Binh Minh Pham

    I wasn't able to complete my unemployment benefits application online several times. It kept shutting down the halfway of completion. I've also called, but the line seemed busy all the time. Is there a hard copy that I can obtain? Thank you.

  38. Benedicte Baybay

    I applied but they told me that I didn't make enough money

  39. i have tried to apply for the benefit but it has been very difficult but thank God i have a stay at Home online job that pays me more than $ 200 weekly being a virtual assistant. if if you interested in working from the house contact +1 2 0 5 8 3 2 3 8 5 2 they will help

  40. Lutfi Zymberi

    Really! We all know this. They r not answering any form of contact

  41. Honestly it don't feel like a hold or lines busy, it seem more like no calls being answered and you just being funneled to a website that spin you in circles.

  42. The majority of people cant reset their USER and PW, if they fix that problem solved. This is so frustrating, it's help you can talk about but help the people can't feel.

  43. There is no hold on the phone you call and they disconnect you. I call at 7.58 am and lines are already jammed if you call at 755 the offices are closed

  44. The Texas Tickler

    I applied like 5 days ago and have been trying since yesterday to get on and check my claim. Websites frooze ASF

  45. They hired 100 people. After 9 days and literally over 2,200 calls daily, I can not get through. I just need to change my pin. If I can not change my oin by this Sunday. I will not receive my payment and will lose my benefits. I am so scared!

  46. Glenda Mitchell

    Tried for days to get threw to Texas unemployment online account froze.. than called phone numb. It took 5 hours finally was told I was signed up to call on Sunday make a claim well it wouldn't let me now spent all day trying to get help. Noone answers phone or helps. So guess will be homeless and hungry the system does not work. Online wont work what a mess


    They are not answering im so scared right now I have 8 dollars to my name!!!! I can't stop crying I cant help they laid me off. I'm not lazy I stayed at the same job for 6 years. This whole situation is so scary.

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