How to BUY Crypto on BINANCE P2P Trading | Deposit via Bank Transfer | App Tutorial

In this video, I’ll show you how to buy crypto using Binance P2P trading and deposit via bank transfer. P2P trading is one of the best way to deposit money on Binance and purchase crypto without paying for processing fee and lesser market spread. Check video to learn more!

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  1. WandeReview Vlogs

    ✅ Register Here ( Get 10% Trading Fee Discount every time you trade):

  2. Very helpful

  3. Tumatanggap po ba metrobank debit card sa p2p ng binance? 😅

  4. Rakenrol Haybol

    Thanks for this tutorial, very clear and concise.

  5. How to buy crypto from spot wallet ?

  6. Simple, brief and clear 👍 i got one single question if you don't mind please, do i have to send my QR, email or phone number to the person from whom I bought the currencies?


    The money is not complete on the wallet you bought 9000 explain please

  8. how do i take my BTC coin money out from BINANCE and transfer or deposit it into my personal bank account. I cannot find a proper video showing me step by step

  9. Christian Paul Camalao

    What's the difference between P2P wallet and spot wallet?

  10. How long would it take if I will use a BDO account and the Seller is using UnionBank account?

  11. Simple and Short. Thank you.

  12. Raymond Bautista

    Ano po mas mura ang Fee at safe?
    P2p or credit card ang mahal na kasi ng P2p 51usd na

  13. hi anong apps po yang gamit niyo sa phone?

  14. Hi Sir, Paano if hindi pa na transfer ng seller yong asset (usdt) sayo with in the time frame.. Makapag transfer parin po ba sya?
    Thanks in advance

  15. Girlie Gaylawan kitchen

    It's very helpful to me thanks a lot ☺️☺️

  16. Froilan Bacelonia

    Hi am just asking is p2p applied regardless of countries? Thanks

  17. Худеем вместе с CHEAT MEAL

    I wanna count on your opinion

    So what can you say about token CSX? Have u already heard about a fresh platform which leverages blockchain technology to connect start-ups and investors? This looks rly attractive. Shall I join it?

  18. Bayya I lost 20usdt from p2p… Buyer didn't transfer money to me but I lost 20usdt… Help me bayya

  19. Hi! Thanks sa info. Ask ko lang, 9k yung na-transfer mo, bakit naging 8,749.15 nalang?
    Curious lang ako kasi ngyari sa akin yan. May charges pa ba nun?

  20. Herlene Etrata

    Paano po i convert yung tether sa eth for longterm

  21. Ashley Sandra

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