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  1. agr koi bank transfer ly kk btc release na kry to istra fraud ni hoskta????

  2. Best Teacher in crypto. As a new comer I have learnt a lot from this channel. Thank you Sir

  3. sir hm buy per order lagaya hua hai to hm sell pe b vo order laga sktay hain eg: 30000 buy honay k baad eg: 40000 per sell ho jy auto per is this possible?????

  4. hmen keh rhy hen k usdt froud he na khreeden or khud usdt use kr rhy hn …
    kmaaaaaal he

  5. bhai ubl pe transaction reject horahi hai? konsa bank account theek rahe ga?

  6. acha is wajah se ziyada loog usdt ki jagah bsud main buy karte hain k usdt registerd company nahi hai?

  7. Brother plz ye btaen k hamare account mein pese kis trah se aen ge bank account ya jaz cash

  8. If someone knows here about crypto and about app, could you please help me and leave your email address or your contact details so I can learn bit and I live in Ireland, thanks

  9. Dear brother ma sekhna chahta hun can i call you help me please God bless you always

  10. Thank U Sir
    Aap Recording k Liye Konsa Camera Use Kar Rahay Hain Iss Clip Main

  11. Sir ap nay example di apni keh ap ko 50000 transfer hoye to ap nay release kr diye coins…. For example buy selling main bank main desposit kr dain agla bnda release e na kray ya aisa kuch bhi to please bta dain

  12. Mashala keep it up .Already lost 4 lakh
    …Trust me who are going to invest here you still got time do throw yourself in…Its very dangerous you will stuck badly inside…If you don't believe me go and try it by yourself 👎

  13. Stop loss trading in Forex international market including put and options available. Please note that one BTC is equil to USD 40 k and one USD is equal to 150 Pak Rupee. Now one BTC is equal to 150*40,000= Pak Rupee 6,000,000. Please don't do that.

  14. Because of not having knowledge about crypto currency, the people will loose, the man doing fraud, do not having physical proof. Ask USD, is equal to Pakistani Rupee. Please do not trapped. Stay safe.

  15. Put and options are already available in Forex market. Please keep away which did not having any writing proof for fraud. That better is to invest in you Pakistan stock market instead of crypto currency which no proof of Fraud.

  16. Total Fraud, this is illegal, which is not allowed by State Bank of Pakistan, then why you doing to fraud with Pakistani's funds, who are already in bad economic conditions. That is better system of Forex system which is existing in international markets. I will ask the Pakistani nationals, don't trap yourselves. See bitcoin how it dropped in one week, within one week the people lost in million. Previously it was 60 thousands USD to one bitcoin. Today it is 28 thousands USD. How it is lost in million by Pakistani. This is fraud which is not having any writing proof. Please God sake dot not do that.