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In today’s second stimulus check and second stimulus package and unemployment benefits boost extension lwa pua peuc fpuc ssi fed-ed eb update, we’ll be exploring the current status of the 2nd stimulus check and 2nd stimulus package, including its many programs from the unemployment benefits extension lwa program to the sba, ppp, eidl, money for small businesses, and other various stimulus bills and stimulus proposals. We’ll be talking about what to expect next week, the current status of stimulus checks and stimulus package negotiations, my personal thoughts, and the state of our country, with the coming end of the pua, peuc, eb, pandemic unemployment assistance, extended benefits, and several other government support programs, in order to approve and pass the next coming stimulus check, stimulus package, and unemployment benefits boost extension, and government funding for various relief programs to help save our country!!

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Today’s update will be exploring how to physically call the unemployment benefits extension update, to troubleshoot, or simply contact them to ask questions about your unemployment, tips and tricks to try to reach them, especially after the pua and peuc extensions, and dealing with some of the issues with fraud claims, especially with the California CA EDD and Pennsylvania PA, and many other states as well!!

Stay safe, wherever you are, whether in the US, California to NYC, or internationally outside the country, and may we hopefully recover soon from this health pandemic we’re all in right now together!!!

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  1. Hopefully this gives some insight to finally be able to better reach the unemployment offices, especially since I believe many in California, Pennsylvania, and other states as well are getting parts of their accounts fixed and updated through the phone, Congrats today to Biden on his official inauguration!! 😄🇺🇸

  2. Great tips! So informative! Great video! Congratulations on 14 K subscribers!

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  6. I only got approved for 160 but I made net 15k last year I've been getting paid since March if I call in do you know if I can get a higher amount and retroactive payments for all 10 months

  7. When people start dropping like flies because of stress-and start wanting to do evil shii because They have priorities that need to be fixed

  8. Any one on PUA in Florida and still haven’t received their payments. I’ve called three times because my payments haves been saying processing for a month now.

  9. I'm in St. Louis, MO and have been trying to get through to unemployment since the 2nd and have stayed on hold for 4 hours, 2 hours, I've tried on Mondays, Thursday and Friday, as soon as they open, noon and around 3. Everytime, I'm put on hold and then disconnected after hours of waiting. The other numbers for different counting, wont allow you to call from a different county. I fill out my weekly request every Sunday and nothing. I didn't get my stimulus either. I'm so lost and desperately need guidance. Has anyone in Missouri heard anything? Is there an email address that I can reach out too??

  10. Thanks for the information hopefully everyone will get through they answer emails very quick also. Enjoy your day Kevin & everyone.

  11. GA I have not received unemployment or stimulus. I have emailed, set on hold for 2 hours only for the phone to go to a message saying they are having system issues. I called at 8 am when they opened on a Thursday.

  12. Hi I have a question I got 1200 dollars for me and my husband but I didn’t get money for my kids. Can you please tell me what I should do?

  13. Im in NC and still haven't received my 300 unemployment boost. My state benefits ran out in December

  14. Hi Kevin, I have been on pua since March 2020… do I need to re apply or will it automatically extend again?

  15. Call when the office first opens and 1 hour before they close you will have less of a wait time. Call any other time be prepared to wait 2.5 hours with the hopes that you will get tired of holding, then have the CSR drop the call when you actually connect, Please don't get upset, don't give them a reason to not help you, just call back and pray that you get someone who wants to provide you with excellent customer service and get you the answers you need. Oh, be prepared for them to lie too just to get you off the phone, trust your gut if you feel that something does not sound right, CALL BACK to speak to someone who will be honest. Washington, DC is so backlogged.

  16. Hi Leslie here from Ohio. Just got off phone with unemployment. Waited on hold 1 hour. Ohio is paying out pua money as of this week. No particular order. He said had 1 million claims in a week. Also had to have new system software installed. He said hang in there they are getting to everyone as quick as possible. Hope this helps.

  17. I just went on my uplink claimant homepage and it says that me(PUA is what I have) will start January 22nd, 2021. Also the PEUC will start at the same time. So I'm very excited about that.

  18. I’ll never forget the great effort of HackbyJamo on !G for keeping up to his promise, he’s such a genius