How To Claim Your Georgia PUA Weeks

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I was asked to do a video that explains how to claim your weeks. So in the effort to help any way I can I did just that. I really hopes this video helps.

PUA App Link

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Claim Your PUA Link

PS Im not a tax professional nor a CPA. Im just a YouTube looking to help.


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  1. Hello, I have listened to a few of your videos on unemployment insurance. I applied for UI in May 2020. I did not get an initial response until July 2020. That response denied my claim. The same day I received the denial I appealed my ruling. I received notice of appeal a week ago and a couple of days ago I received the date of my appeal hearing is April 10.

    I have applied for UI under the PUA Cares Act. I believe based on the language of the law I qualify for benefits. I am disabled, and I know as a matter of law SSDI does not count as income. The language of the PUA states this:

  2. I was finding it difficult with my benefits until @exceptional_tools on lG helped me out his so fast and straight forward thanks man you should try him..

  3. Thank you for the video. I completely understand your issues. I am a model struggling during the Pandemic

  4. Mine was successfully Reactivated through BLADE4ORD ON 1NSTAGRAM HE'S THE BEST👽💯

  5. Mine was successfully Reactivated through BLADE4ORD ON 1NSTAGRAM HE'S THE BEST👽💯

  6. I got knocked off my job in March but my ui is dated in July 2020 to July do I request the unemployment money from March to July?????

  7. I have a question. I wanted to know how long does it take to receive back pay from Pua?

  8. here i am at 5pm in Atlanta trying to figure this out. Thanks brother. You DA Best!

  9. Thanks for referring to cashflukes on telegram on here, I got a pua method from him and got paid today
    Hit him up for all benefits methods

  10. Hello, I just found your channel can you do an update on PUA unemployment, I live in Georgia so I wanted to know are there any new updates
    Thanks in advance.

  11. I got this message can you let me know what this means? You are not authorized to request weekly payments. If you are a claimant trainee, you cannot request your weekly payment using this application. If your employer filed a claim on your behalf, your employer is requesting your payment(s) each week.

    If you would like to enter your weekly work search,

  12. Should I claim on saturday or sunday dates? I went in and did all Saturdays for m back pay. Now I'm freaking out.

  13. Hello
    I'm new to your channel…How do you fill out the PUA when you earned wages

  14. Hey XL Do we have to certify both Weekly UI. and PUA to get paid . Or just PUA please advise

  15. Did you get your retroactive PUA payment. Also the the question asking about you applying for State or Federal. Isn’t PUA and FPUC State and Federal?

  16. If I was furloughed do I fill our UI and PUA , I lve received one payment 3.22-5.2 have not recieved an payment since 5.2 I've been submitting each week and nothing =/

  17. Bro you helped me for the late payment. I was wondering why today I didn’t see that they added payments. I was like man is it bc of Memorial Day? So man thank you for this.!

  18. I did exactly what you did and it been accepted but why don’t I see anything under my payment summary ?

  19. How do you answer #2 if you did not receive any offers for work?

  20. If I received a determination letter with a weekly benefit amount on it should I be expecting my payments soon? I certified my payments the Sunday after I got the email but I haven’t received any updates since