How to cure PCOD problem quick in tamil | இத செஞ்சா நீர்க்கட்டி (PCOD / PCOS) வராது | Star Vijay HD

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Dr G Buvaneswari clarifies doubts about how to prevent PCOD problem and what are all the simple procedures for PCOD explained in Star Vijay TV Channel “Maruthuva Neram” program. You can comment your doubts in youtube video comment box which is shown below.

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Having successfully done few thousand cycles of IUI, IVF & ICSI, GBR Fertility Centre & Hospitals has wealth of expertise to provide above par treatment and care when it comes to managing infertility. The skill and knowledge the team has acquired is put to best use to understand each individual couples problems and to take them through the right treatment approach.

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  1. Thulasi Balasubramanian

    Fifteen age girl ku pcod varuma plz solungha


    Food tried please explain mam

  3. Vishwa Divya

    Mam ennaku pcod problem irukku. But period monthly wise varuthu.. But date thali poguthu… For example one month 4..innoru month 20….

  4. Ratthakkatti pathi solunga mam

  5. Last varaikum nenga diet chart solave ila…

  6. Mam maduraila iruka mam

  7. PCOD problem irundhu pregnant aga mudiyumaa

  8. How can we meet you mam..

  9. mam im 32yrs,5ysr aagudhu marriage aagi,bt treatment parthutudhan ieuken..same pcod 59kg my height164 5yrs aa treatment parthutudhan iruken..endha use um ila..

  10. Mubina Gouse Basha

    Enaku iui panni irukanga 35 days aaguthu pcod iruku ipo bleeding aaguthu ithuku enna aartham sollunga plz

  11. Enakku pcod one side maatum irukku. Conceive aaha mudiyumaa

  12. Hi mam yanaku thyroid eruku pcod um eruku weight 65 erukan increase aguthu weight yanaku baby illa 2 years aguthu

  13. Hiii doctor , enakku marriage aayi one year aachu , check pannathukku pcod problem irukkunu doctor sonnaga. Aana praganat aaga ithunala problem illainu sonnaga. Pcod irukkurathu problem illaya doctor. please reply pannuga doctor

  14. Mam diet plan solunga mam pls

  15. creative thinking

    Mam Ennaku 3 month achu epo period aeta mam but blood Eathuvum agala mam Ennaku age 26 mam 5 days ah romba limit ah tha mam agurathu Ethu mathere Ethuku munnade erunthathu Ela mam Plssss mam unga suggestion venum Plsss mam

  16. Amutha Arumugam

    Mam my age 31 married aki 1year achu innum baby illa but regulara period vanthrum

  17. Hiii mam… age is 20 weight 39 ennaku pcod problem iruku mam krimson 35 tablet eduthutu iruka pcod prob cure aaguma mam then weight increase aagavae matekuthu ena panrathu dr plz suggest me

  18. Hi mam… I'm fathima age 22 periods one week munnadi Right side stomach la pain ah erudhuchu hospital poi check panea apoo scan panna sonnaga adhula endometriotic cyst nu poturuku…adhuku gyno docter some tablet kuduthaga…. Apoo pain ella oru 2months ah epoo again Right side la pain ah eruku….epoo enna pannaum mam….

  19. Mam I'm women I have PCOS would u recommend diet plan mam

  20. Mam enaku my age 27. 25 days once periods vanthutum but 2 baby iruku. seekiram periods varrathunala ethachu problem varuma


    Yes mam , aenaku marriage agi one and half year … But aenaku PCOD ieruku mam …

  22. Gowri Priyan

    Mam enaku wait loss Panna help panunga period irregular ah iruku

  23. Sri Diagnostics sd

    Mam enaku pcod iruku..hormone tblt kudutaga..periods achu..IPO babyku try panrkn..DT thali poguthu baby form aguma dr

  24. deepika deepu

    Mam i got married. yenaku irregular periods.. Tablet pota dhan period varuthu..period vantha aparam baby ku try panalama..

  25. Hi mam enki 24 age pcod irundhuchu but ipo ila but ipo periods 2 month ahudhu why mam??


    Hi mam,enaku mrg aagi 7 months aaguthu before mrg enaku period problem irunthathu check pannapo pcod la neer kothurukunu sonnanga after treatment cure achu,ippo marupatium period 25days ,45days aprom tha period aaguthu bleeding olunga aaga la ithu Ku treatment etukanuma mam

  27. Mam hyper thyroid pathi sollunga mam

  28. Thilaga Thilaga

    Mam yenakku age 22 unmarried I am physical education student 3 year sa PCOD problem irukkum mam period problem irukku mam. Hospital poi selvutha mam aguthu but yentha result m illa mam. Tablet pottatha period varuthu illana varamattuthu mam pls help pannunga mam

  29. Ilakkiya Pandiarajan

    mam periods munnadi munnadi varuthu

  30. Akila Santhanam

    Unga hospital Hyderabad la iruka??

  31. Mam I want a help mam

  32. Mam enkku married ahe 1 year ahudhu no baby pcod iruku 24 age fertility drugs use pani consive aha mudiyuma

  33. madhu praveen

    hi mam enaku pcod iruku pls suggest me


    pls pls pls mom reply pannunga en number 8124151304

  35. Mam unga hospital Bangalore la iruka

  36. ishwarya ishu

    Mam 12 age la attend pannan ipa 26 age athu Enaku monthly regular varum romba limit varum…. Pimples body full ah iruku…

  37. Mohamed Sareek

    I need srilanka number mam

  38. Mam I need Sri Lanka number mam any whattsap number

  39. Hi mam enaku margaai ,1.30 years aahuthu but bay ila enaku pcod irukunu sollitanga na tablet saptutha iruken ana innum sariyagala so enna pandrathu sollunga mam

  40. Sivaranjani Kumaresan

    Can we have sex after acupuncture,,, am cd 5 & having pcos & trying for baby can try to get pregnant after doing acupuncture on the same day

  41. Fathima Fathima

    Please I need srilanka number and address

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