How to Develop Business Strategy for Your Business

In this video; you will learn 5 simple steps on how to develop business strategy for your business.
Learn How to Write a Business Plan –
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Thanks for watching how to develop business strategy for your business.


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  1. thank you!

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  3. Never forget to relax

    How do you do the whiteboard

  4. Paulo Cortez

    @6:53…How I wish…

  5. Pravasna Siwakoti

    Can you tell me how a person age , gender,body and ahbit etc determines in the marketing strategty

  6. Hello friends,

    I have the following situations:

    1 / Company A wants to buy the distribution system of company B, but company B only wants to sell 100% of its assets. So what would you do in this situation ?.

    2 / There are 2 companies working in the same field:

    Company X builds its own store and creates its own distribution system.

    Company Y relies on outside distributors and stores to distribute goods to consumers.

    Question: In what case will you buy company X and company Y ?.

    Thank you.

  7. Dear Friends,

    The XYZ company have 2 business units: car, steel. Head-quater of it stay in Singapore.

    in 2021 year, this company want to expand business to USA, Japan.

    I know the company-level strategy is expansion.

    What's business-level strategy?. Thank you.

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  9. Life Elite Channel

    Really I LIKE IT ❤

  10. Ashutosh Rai

    Great video.. What software you use to make this video.? It will help us also to explain our products in a better way.


    You are Indian or not

  12. Sharron Dark

    Shared 🌎🏁

  13. Jamsheed Begum


  14. Olga Fleming

    Strategy is key, but correct goal setting should not be skipped as well as choosing a niche, instead of trying to please various clients needs

  15. Success Arid

    To write the perfect plan, you must know your company, your product, your competition and the market intimately.

  16. robin shrestha

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  17. You can do anything, but not everything. I found this to be particularly true with my study and meditation music YouTube channel. Choosing a very specific niche is the way to go.

  18. Good ☝️

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