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  1. very helpful. thanks for sharing

  2. Parmita Saha

    Can you tell me why I need to attach website link here we are not running for traffic … Here we are running for new calls .. So why we should put website link … Can any one pls make understand … Thank you in advance.

  3. prithvi samson

    Thank you so much!! this was very helpful. 🙂

  4. search of truth

    Please reply me call me now option how can ad in Instagram 🙏

  5. Hi. So how do you accurately gauge the number of hits on the “Call Now” button? Because the nearest thing I see in my insights is “Link Clicks” (which says 29) but the client actually got 2 phone calls. Help please 🙁

  6. Ramesh Kgp Vlogs

    Sir i not able to run my truecaller ads

  7. Property Deva

    not showing call button in call to action

  8. after complete the calls through facebook ads , the ads is running but getting any call. so can you help me why i am not getting any call. plz reply asap

  9. Ashna Tanwar

    Hey Sir, really helpful video. I wanna ask that I got a client of restaurant and he doesn't have any website so, I made a reach campaign with call now button and put the url of my website, my website's content and the campaign are poles apart. will the campaign work?

  10. Blueprint Marketing

    I have A Few Questions.
    U Have Unseen Msgs on Your Whatsapp as Well….
    I am Waiting.

  11. Cargloss, Bhuj. Car detailing Studio

    Thanks for sharing the information but I don’t get a Call button

  12. Thank you

  13. Zain Ul Abaidin

    thank you for sharing this. Sir plz make a short course of facebook ads strategy for doctors so that marketers like me can know how they can help doctors to get patients

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