How To Get A Business Credit Card For A Startup

Getting a business credit card for your startup business seems a bit too meticulous and difficult. It doesn’t have to be, since there are simple ways that you can do to get one! I’m sharing with you all you need to know about getting one, so stay with me in today’s episode because I’m sure you’ll find what you need right here.

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Noelle Randall

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro
00:32 Today’s episode
00:57 Personal Credit
01:58 Business Credit
03:21 Benefits
04:31 Setting up your business
05:28 EIN
06:50 Business Credit Cards
07:37 Bonus
08:05 Learn more

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  1. George Mason

    How can u get business credit?. Everyone is doing alot of talking but their not giving me the straight meat. Alot of fat and fluff. No meat. It's like they enjoy the sound of their own voice.

  2. Johnny's Adventure

    you got my sub. great content. I'm learning alot

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  4. Prince Isreal


  5. thank you 🙏🏾

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  7. terry johnson

    finally got dunn number

  8. Debra Lee Hillius

    Don’t see the link for the 5star credit?

  9. Thank you for this.

  10. No one can ever do or better than Ethical Liam hacks on Instagram I’m really grateful sir

  11. Michael Kendrick

    Started my flower business early this year with the help of Ethical liam hacks on Instagram

  12. Always Awesome advice

  13. Ashoka Al-Hadrami

    You wasted half of video talking about unnecessary stuff..

  14. Does all net30 accounts automatically goes to Dun and Brad?, Dun and Brad is charging me to add accounts

  15. THANK YOU!

  16. Prince Isreal

    Ty 😀

  17. Abdul Elkurdi

    Can u have more then one llc for multiple business???

  18. Aaron'ibn Nour

    You are God sent for us!!! Ase!

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    Thank you Auntie Noelle 🥰💎🚀💗

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    Much respect to the husby… love this woman.

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    The smooth road namely spark because pillow contrastingly punish underneath a needless board. judicious, spotty brush

  25. Does my Shopify store count as a business website

  26. Charnita Rice

    question I've done every step I even bought my domain name for my website is that all it's needed when creating my website or does need to be fully finished and functioning?

  27. M.C. 🦋🦋🦋

    Just got my duns number for my non profit

  28. Mr Longevity

    I love your videos! Clear cut and informational!

  29. Lord Brunson

    Do you have a llc And bussiness credit for your YouTube channel?

  30. Question.. can I use my day job as a direct deposit for my business checking 🙂

  31. LEnetta Wildoo

    I just obtained the EIN and llc behind my business and will be getting the number this weekend but I wanted to ask what’s a good business account to use for a startup and not so good personal credit?

  32. Antoine Darius

    Hello Noelle do you offer a mentor ship program?

  33. Ankhesenamun

    Hi Noelle, i'm new to your channel and I thank you so much for sharing this information, I am a fashion designer and I just made my website, how can I get this to work for me being as though fashion designing may not qualify as a business, please help.

  34. I thought when you apply they pull from your personal credit first… is this true??

  35. Yolanda Reyes

    Sorry I think I missed a letter typing you're name❤️

  36. Yolanda Reyes

    Noell I've learned more about business credit and banking in three of you're videos that I've learned in the last two years of building a business! Wow so valuable. Thank you!

  37. Noelle Your Sooooo Awesome… You have helped me and I am sure so many other people with so much… I appreciate you

  38. Jonti Robertson

    I want to be wine of your students love your videos your the best

  39. When you pay yourself is it smart to put yourself on payroll or write out checks ?

  40. Starchild goddess_’333

    Thank you for the information!! Wow!! You’re my favorite!!

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