How To Get Approved For Any Credit Card in 2021

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0:00 Introduction
1:35 Awareness
2:33 Relationships
4:39 Credit Score
5:47 Pre-Qualified
7:36 Factor Review
9:08 Reconsideration

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  1. II’ve never seen anyone do it better

  2. nelly almanza

    Score 815

  3. Hi Brian! Is this tool only for personal credit cards or business also?

  4. I am your fan, I will always support you🤣

  5. 709

  6. Nαte Cɾαft Gαming

    My credit score is 570. Is that good?



  8. 751 lfggggg

  9. The Curl Papi

    773!!! a year ago I was at 567

  10. Shiv Maverick

    Reconsideration line, worked like a charm

  11. I went to my account for Chase. It days pre-approved for CSR, CSP, United and SWA cards. Will they still do a hard pull if I apply to one of those cards?

  12. Wesley Oberman

    710 credit score over 200k in chase Bank accounts and chase just denied me for a credit card 🤦‍♂️

  13. 750 score

  14. Rodney Ellis

    My credit score is 642 I’m looking for a better card than credit one

  15. I've been trying to slide in the DM's of Chase employees.

  16. I'm at 765 and got denied for a Amex Gold but they wont tell me why. It just says system is updating.

  17. Michael Thigpen

    Recently 672-702. Started building my credit back in August for the first time ever after abstaining from credit cards and loans for a long time. I had no credit history up to that point.

  18. 754. I started at a 520 and worked my way up. I put small subscriptions and now I have 27k in credit cards. Aiming for 50k this year.

  19. Nolann Grant

    820 score!

  20. 01/2021 had a 568
    Now i have a 688

  21. Hey is there a time limit on calling for reconsideration ?

  22. Anthony Jones

    Brian I’m new to your channel in my score is low blow 600 in I’ve been turn down by secure citi an capital one what can I do

  23. No credit history at all.
    Got approved for the chase freedom flex and unlimited. 9.5k combined credit line.

  24. Hunter Sheridan

    Right now sitting at 750+ started at 620 !!!

  25. EX. 696 EQ. 730 TU. 734

  26. Tiant Passmore


  27. Experian: 747, Transunion: 761, Equifax: 740 as of March 20, 2021.

  28. 760-790

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