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  1. Exceptional Mindset

    Love this.. this dude gives so much value it’s indescribable. By the way which of your videos is the one that shows you how to get a credit card even if you’re denied.

  2. Can you help remove collections, charge offs, etc?

  3. Jay Williams

    I’m tryna get your letters .

  4. Which program can I benefit from? I have 755 trans union and 750 experian 0 collections but I have late student loan payments and late mortgage from 2017. I haven't had any late payments before or after 2018

  5. Frederick J Johnson

    Get me in the game

  6. Lonestar1787

    How much is the Lambo program? I can’t find any price on the website.

  7. Cynt McBride Germany

    Put me in the game coach! How do I reach you?

  8. Can you help if you've had a credit card in the past with navy federal and it got charged off?

  9. Donna Harmon

    Mike do you remove inquires?

  10. I'd like to learn S-Corp or LLC from you.

  11. Hey Mike, can you shoot me your Company's contact information so I can reach out to get enrolled into your Lambo Program?

  12. Ivan Tenorio

    Do a video for people with good credit and want to learn how to repair credit

  13. Best in the game! Ive learned soo much from you and helped not only my credit but my wifes credit as well. Truly appreciate you and what you do sir.

  14. Valerie Anderson

    I want to work with you building business credit and I'm ready to slide into the 800's club! 😊

  15. Marcus Melton

    That's what's up Mike!!

  16. Harold Vives- Capacetti

    I just got the LAMBO package yesterday, looking forward to a positive & prompt outcome!

  17. What are your costs? Im in NZ but from the US and need to fix both mine and my wife's credit, but permanently

  18. Can i call you for the 90- day program

  19. Markus Bertolozzi

    Hello sir what is the url so I can sign up with you?

  20. J Zeta-Jones

    How much are these programs?

  21. J Zeta-Jones

    What's your website?

  22. I’m all in Sir!! I’m interested in purchasing the Lambo package!! Thank you for your time! God bless

  23. Autumn Trotter

    All I have is 1 collections. 4 write off and too many (25) hard inquiries. As far as building credit. I already have postive relationships with navy federal already. So I just need this negative shit off. Please help

  24. LifeIsGoodFlying

    Navy Federal is about relationship building…I had a checking acct. with them for over 5 years…my wife applied for cashrewards and she is a legal permanent resident and they gave her a 10k CL and she only had a capital 1 card before with only 1k CL…I never had a navy federal cc so I went on as a auth. user, then after 1 year i applied for the big boy "Flagship" and got approved with only a 575 score as my 2nd card with NFCU, then after 91 days i applied for the Amex card with NFCU and was approved and still my score was barely 600…i have 1 item in collections and its 4 years old and thats the only bad thing on my credit report…so it is possible with a lower than normal score of 700 if you have the relationship…

  25. Mike I'm all in already signed up waiting to see my results…

  26. Ernesto Marquez

    LAMBO package?? Can I still get that 40k 💣💣💣💣💣💣😁

  27. I got into the lambo and now just waiting for my charge off accounts to come off , I’m excited ,I’m tryna go to the moon on em Mike🚀🚀💰

  28. jeremy chastang

    I want in. I have Navy Federal but I got a few things in collections and a paid charge off that should show paid as agreed

  29. Shaun Kassam


  30. Michael Pupko

    How much sir? For associates, Bach or lambo?

  31. Michael Pupko

    You make me feel like I can actually get a very good credit report one day. I'm going to look into your programs because I'm not too proud to admit it, I'm next to desperate rn for a better Life.

  32. 💯💯💯

  33. Carlos Rodriguez

    Credit Game! #1

  34. I need help!! My score shows 677 I have no credit cards no loans but 1 derogatory of $1800 that is NOT my bill from ATT Uverse I’ve disputed it 6 times. I want to buy a house and need help boosting my credit score

  35. Jonathan Factor

    Thanks Great video

  36. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! 😉

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