How to Grow a Small Business: growth marketing for startups (Part I)

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If you are just starting your business, figuring out your growth is, well, tough. There’s little money to spend, the product is still early or unfinished- and convincing people to join or to pay is harder.

In this video, we cover:
-Growth at the early stages: 02:11
– Growth = Product: 02:27
– Do not Hire an Agency: 02:54
– Growth Costs are not an Expense: 03:27
– Be prepared to spend money: 04:08

-Unit economics: 05:35
– CAC: Cost of Acquisition 05:46
– Cost per Sign Up or cost per Download: 06:09
– Lifetime Value: 06:21

-Basic Growth Tactics: 07:30
-The Growth Marketing or Growth Hacking mindset: 09:39

Now why these topics? Because they relate specifically to our experience- and we consider ourselves subject matter experts in most of these.

Thank you for watching this video. We really hope you found it useful. Give us a like if you found this useful and let us know in the comments what you think.

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  2. What’re your thoughts on doing things that don’t scale?

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    I have a big regret allowing a startup to hire an agency… although I tried my best to push the ceo not to

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  15. nice simple overview. Knowing your numbers is key, especially early on

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    Awesome, thanks!
    Although @ 9:10 you say Business Development is obvious. But I only recently discovered what it meant and I'm not quite sure I really do. "Business" is a very vast word and "development", well aren't all 19 points tools to develop your business?
    So according to what I understand, business development is like partnering with an other business in order to widen your reach. For example a wedding photographer and a wedding planner recommending each other. Am I right? And if I am, this isn't obvious 😉 I'd gladly like to learn more about that.

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