How to Land Your First Tech Job | Best Tech Jobs (Tech Jobs for Freshers)

In this video How to Land Your First Tech Job | Best Tech Jobs (Tech Jobs for Freshers) we provide an overview of the best tech jobs for freshers, and the tech job skills associated with each one. This is the last part of our series for freshers on how to land your first tech job and how to get a tech job no experience. Do you the difference between cloud architect vs cloud engineer? What about DevOps vs cloud engineer? In this video we give a breakdown of these roles and many more. To watch the other parts of this series on IT hiring freshers for first tech jobs visit the links at the bottom:

Do you wonder what is a network engineer, or what is a security engineer? Have you heard of DevSecOps? Are the same skills needed for cloud engineer, and what is a cloud engineer? What is a DevOps Engineer, and what do you need to successful? Want to know what is a cloud architect or what is a network architect?

At Go Cloud Architects our goal is to help you land your cloud architect job of your dreams. We also want to help freshers, and the community in general, understand the differences between the various roles in the industry. There is a lot of confusion between the roles particularly cloud engineer vs cloud architect.
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  1. TheArmy OfOne

    Not knowing what you don't know is a very common issue touching pretty much every aspect our lives.

  2. rich Ferreira

    I love the great distinctions between jobs and skills need to succeed, another great video Michael.

  3. Derrick Houston

    Mike, you explained very clearly what each job role does and the technical knowledge required.

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  5. Eraic Harrell


  6. Jesse Murdock

    I don’t know what I don’t know, but I’m happy to find out! Also, as a fresher, I am more than happy to learn Cloud Engineering, Networking & the Datacenter!

    Also, I am fascinated by the architecture role because it sounds like consulting to me. Super intimate and advisory. Sounds like a ton of fun helping businesses solve their problems 🙌🏼

  7. Benneth Winner

    The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this: "the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left".

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