How to Make 1000 Cold Calls in One Day

Learn the tools, tips and strategies to explode your business by making 1000 cold calls in one day! We will go into how to create the necessary time to make the calls and the must haves of cold calling.

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The 6 things needed:

Notepad and Pen

Lead List/Cold Calling List


Mojo Dialer/Automated Dialer

Dual Monitors


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  1. Puneish Nadaraja

    Is MOJO available to all country ? I am from malaysia

  2. The Crusader

    Great insights. Thank you.

  3. 🔨 hammer time

  4. Gabriel Julihey

    incredibely valuable! thanks a lot!

  5. Where do you get the leads from though? I need help what software to find leads

  6. Richard Asumadu

    "so lets hop right in, the first thing you're gonna need .. "

  7. how much is the phone bill if you are making 1000 calls in one day

  8. MrMotivation247

    Very informative, thank you

  9. Looking for a company for skip tracing and dialing. I am considering Mojo or Calltools what do you recommend? My VA is trained in Mojo and I don't know either. I have seen a lot of people mention calltools and don't went to spend time and money learning how to use Mojo to move on to something else. I can only afford one

  10. Jeff Criswell

    Mike- how do I use Skype with Mojo Sells?

  11. Bill Mulligan

    What does your Call back message say when using the triple dialer? Or did you simply record silence?

  12. Great advise. The Hungry know what you mean.

  13. First of all thank you for your sharing the video I love your Content. Btw at the beginning how do you start mojo? Do you need to call the company or how do you find out that mojo ? Also how to set up ? Thanks I am also real estate agent in California.

  14. Manish Gupta

    Thanks, Michael for making this informative video. It is a good starting point as I and my team do Cold Calls. We are using Calley Automatic Call Dialer – to do so. Thanks again and keep making these awesome videos.


    Here is some great tips to maximize your efforts on all these calls….

  16. Michael Iglesias

    Get a real job and stop calling people

  17. hi handsome where do i get mojo

  18. What happens when 2 or 3 people answer your call at the same time?

  19. Jordan Keith

    Dial, dial, dial… That is what you need to do to make 1k dials per day. Saved you some time, you're welcome.

  20. Shawn Skwierczynski

    Why don't you just take a day and memorize you script kid?

  21. Shawn Skwierczynski

    Put the poor kid in the kitchen and didn't give him a crm, so he has to use paper and pad. lol

  22. your are *********** destroy my time
    ** you

  23. Morry Eghbal

    MIchael I believe you can using

  24. Sean Stanley

    Love it, Check out 10X line w/SMS for your dialing needs call Sean at 1-800-679-1637 ext. 411 to get 80% off of your set up!

  25. Thank you for making this video. So much good points that you addressed to your viewers.

  26. Ronie Lozano

    1k calls per day you gotta be be exhausted brother by the end of the day you'll lose 20kg!!

  27. Be careful though, auto dialers have turned into BIG problems with FCC, multi million lawsuits if you don’t have written consent to call. Seek legal advice if unsure, before doing this. Just google auto dialer lawsuits you’ll see what I mean. 🙂

  28. Patrick Lancaster

    Must be a bad lead source I’ve made the most 100 In a call center that was an 8 hour shift and that Is with making sales

  29. I will put all you guys in my autodialer software and see how fun it is getting calls all day every hour. LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!

  30. Karl Sinclaire-Anderson

    Speed dialling, brilliant. My CRM has it and its doubled my calls per hour, awesome. Thank you for the direction.

  31. patrick bowen

    Hey please contact me at my hangout account Bowenpatrick [email protected] I need your help if you can help me Thank you in advance God Bless YOU ALWAYS AMEN

  32. Just starting out and getting the steps in setting up for my 1st days call….What other things or software do I need too….?
    And having 2 computer screens is that a must?

  33. Angel gonzalez

    Great advice thank you sir!

  34. Anthony Kerby

    Appointments are the objective not CALL numbers

  35. Where do you buy leads?

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