How to Make $50+ Daily Trading Bitcoin w/ Color Coded 4EMA [Part #1] – Beginner Trading Tutorial

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  1. Anastacia A Nwokenobi

    This is amazing gonna try it and see, thanks

  2. The last few bars currently are showing good bullish pattern with the colors, I'm desperate to go long and give this a go or should I just be patient and wait for the next cross over?


    New subscriber brother you're awesome…

  4. i think the 4 ema strategy is the most easiest and profitable. Thanks

  5. Thamindu Dhananjaya

    i cant get the 4ema because i don't have that public tab or any options when i open the indicators. Please help

  6. what does short the tops and add to your short mean

  7. Cyp_kk BOOMER

    nice vid joe 🙂

  8. Mad Midnight

    Thank you for this great info ! In my case, 4 hour chart looks profitable but when I switch to lower time frames things get little scary. This should not pose a problem right ?

  9. Thank you for this. I’m binge watching your channel now haha

  10. is this indicator available on binance?

  11. Maggie Lyons

    This was a great tutorial! I have started using 4Ema, and it has been very helpful!

  12. Ryno Johansson

    I use a similar formula in forex. You have smashed the MA bro! Awesome!

  13. Thank you, Joe, this is a game-changer for me.

  14. secondary emailadress

    Which exchange are you using??

  15. Can you do this in bitseven ?

  16. Joe, thank you, thank you and thank you. I do really appreciate it. Thank you for your contribution. Cheers

  17. ameer bin mohamed t.frosh

    how do i get the 4 ema indicator ?

  18. you are the best youtuber on this topic ,im so glad to find your channel
    your daily updates are great ,but i wish you can add more videos for people just start trading

  19. Michael Sharp

    I get watching the 4 hour and when the colors are aligned you want to buy. And in the video you said get out when the colors cross the red line. But I see several points right after the initial cross over where the blue, green, and yellow starting heading towards the red line. How do you know it's going to keep going up? Or, that you are about to crossover?

  20. Aerial imaging net

    wow , great info thanks joe

  21. Which platforms can you short in….I have Kraken but not sure where I can short there? Pls can you Advise Joe? Thanks great video.

  22. secondary emailadress

    I'm going to try to learn that one today 😂😂. Thank you !!

  23. Manuel Orbea

    This is pure gold. Thanks!!

  24. Umair Idrees

    Thank you for the video. Please correct me if I'm understanding this wrong. The red line fully crosses all 3 lines once the candle has fully peaked or dipped. Hence I'm thinking you're not really going to get the buy until the candle has already peaked.

  25. Rebecca Brinegar

    Hi Joe very nice video I like this style. At 11 min when talking about where to exit on the 4H TF, I notice the lines then get a bit criss Crosby after that exit point, and what I’m wondering is if you could explain how to reenter from that same exit point, like going further to the right in price to see where is the next good entry with those lines. Otherwise I totally understand this but you know sometimes the EMAs get cross Crossy (I don’t know how else to say that) , what to do then

  26. Love your TA joe im looking forward for your next video keep up the good work 👍❤

  27. This 4 EMA indicator is a super game changer for me! Thank you so much this has really helped!

  28. Great video. Investing is good but investing in the right thing is the actual key to success. One important thing on bitcoin is to trade and not hope on price rising and falling. Bitcoin trading can be a little easier especially when you trade with an expert.

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  30. Pure quality I'd love to see more videos about bitseven- Thank you again for your great work.

  31. Dont get fulled with this persons in COMMENTS that suggest to help you with tradings….you will get rekt!!!

  32. Gabriel William

    Been trying to reach you on Telegram. Look for my message. Nice video. Want to give that a try. Later Joe.

  33. Clear explanation CJ

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  35. Justin Griffin

    Brittney Amber is a crack user

  36. Historic Channel

    Hello Joe.. I've been following you in ur telegram as well.. would like to ask if 4ema indicator in Bybit is ok to use. It's not Philakone indicator

  37. I never regret working with hackerharden on telegram.

  38. Hackerharden on telegram is the best.he help me with a working software that generate 0.5btc daily I really recommend hackerharden on telegram to you guys.

  39. Very Informative! Thank you again!

  40. outstanding video CJ. I will be trying this technique this week

  41. Thanks CJ

  42. New subscriber.

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