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[BENGKEL ROAD TO PSPM: CAMPAIGN IN STREAMYARD] Accounting AA015 Chapter 10 With Sir Izham




    Great bro …U have really great strategy 👍
    Salute you….
    I dollor aap haar rahe the or tension mujhe ho rahi thi aakhir aap 1000 dollor jeet gaye maza aa gaya…….

    Aapki strategy mujhe bhi sikhao yaar😱😱

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    Great bhai sahab ….u have really great strategy
    salute you…..
    aur jaisa ki aap phle se jnte ho
    love u ennna saara…….


    Awesome bro

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  9. Avi sir Asset ki information kese pata karen market Bearish hai ya fir Bullish hai. Jese sir indian stock market me to sari news NSE ki site par pata chal jati hai lekin sir currency ki news kahan se pata karen please sir tell me
    Mene Google par bohut search kiya lekin mujhe kuch risult nahi mila…
    Thank you

  10. BK Motivation

    You are genius bro

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  16. Lovely bhai…… Thanks for such good advices in the video

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    Sir your comunication is fabulas I am fan of you

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    Ye app pesa deti he nhi

  27. sandip Gharami

    bhai mobile par indicerar kaha melega

  28. sandip Gharami

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  40. bhai kia ap skrill account py dollers bhjh den gay takay investment kar sakun .. i'll pay for that
    kaafi arsay se seekh raha hun ap se

  41. Vinod Kumar Singh

    Lov you dada,😘

  42. Wakeel Ahmad

    Hi bosssss good speech

  43. Roshan Kumar Lenka

    Sir what is the market opening time for currencies?

  44. kothakota sunilkumar

    I am very new to your channel and i could able to learn few things from you.thank you.

    Kindly reply
    As i am not getting the same ichuku strategy when i apply from my mobile to the graph
    ..i mean ..i am not getting the below two line graph.kindly advise

  45. Ibrahim Mondal

    Sir, meri deposit nahi horahahai olymptrade pe….plz help me

  46. Bhashkar Poinkar

    Avi bhai jo bui trade esme lagate hai. Agar use cancel karna hai to kar sakte hai kya.

  47. Akshay Kumar

    Maja jarur ata apko sunane me

  48. #tec avi .. Nice sir

  49. Krishn Mizar

    #Technical Avi, Sir Hame sare indicators use karne chahiye ya nahi.

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