How To Make Money Online | Top 10 Highest Paying Url Shorteners

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This Video Shows You The Most Easiest Way To Make Money Online. Just Make Money Buy Shareing Links (Url) On the Internet. You can share your links On Facebook, twitter, Youtube, websites, blogs Anywhere anytime as you normally do, and also introduce you the Top 10 Highest Paying Url Shortener Websites To Make Money Online. Start Making Money today!

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▼Websites Mentioned On This Video▼

#10 Adfoc :

#9 Ouo :

#8 Ally :

#7 Adyou :

#6 victly :

#5 linkshrink :

#4 Shorte st :

#3 Bc vc :

#2 Linkbucks :

#1 adfly :

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  1. It been a successful investing with Mr.Charles @Charles_forex09 on instagram especailly during the lockdown .All thanks to him and his entire team for their continous support and help,Nothing but hug profit every week, God bless you sir..

  2. Due to the pandemic all over the world, many are in financial crisis now. So if you want to learn how to earn money from home, you should check out Mr Charles @IG.. I earned $5,500 within 4days with an investment capital of $500. All gratitude to mr Charles @ Charles_forex09 on INSTA for helping me out of stress of money may God Almighty richly bless you @charles_forex09

  3. could you please explain to me why they write (10 000 visitor = 5$) in adfly ?

  4. Still managed to get $11,000 from payingmecash,wordpress,com they so amazing

  5. I don’t understand you are using Bitly so why aren’t you using these that you are promoting

  6. What I think? You have forgotten the most important. I tried more or less 15 url shorteners. For now the best is absolutely adshrinkit. Few ads with high profits, and there are so many features that help you grow. I think there are no comparisons with adshrinkit, I suggest you try it. Anyway thanks for your video

  7. 1 billion people on FB ?
    I think you should refer to it correctly.
    Yes FB has a lot of users but you will NOT be able
    to send messages to them if you post something on your own wall.

    Your friends are the only once to see your posts, and keep in mind
    that only a small fraction of friends will see a post, as FB is filtering it.
    FB first send your posts to a few of your friends. If they interact with your
    post, ONLY THEN FB with show your post to more of your friends.

    So lets say you have 1000 friends and 10% sees your post.
    Then you only have a 100 people you reach. Let's say 5% of
    people actually click on the link and watch the ADD ?

    Then you have 5 people per blog watching your add.
    You need at least 1000 views to get 1$

    So kids !!! dont count yourself rich

  8. Could be just clicking on your own link and getting free money.But it might be patched xD

  9. i dont like adfly because the ads it shows have viruses and sometimes when redirecting an adult website opens.

  10. the best link shortener that pays the most in the united states CASHLINK123

  11. Hi AMAL, can you please describe about BITCOIN and how to do transactions in bitcoin including login details like as you described about all the websites please explain about BITCOIN also… THANKS IN ADVANCE