How To Make More Money – 3 Bad Habits You NEED to Stop!

In this video, I’m sharing with you the 3 bad habits that I’ve had to overcome that have helped me 10x my business growth and wealth. We are so easily sucked into bad habits and don’t even realise what we are doing until we take the time to acknowledge them and get the motivation to change them. That’s what I hope to achieve with this video.I want to motivate you to challenge yourself and fight these bad habits!

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  1. Francisco Luna

    which books are you recommending Sheldon??

  2. Gokul Prasath

    When you travel to India
    Come home dude.☺️☺️

  3. Michael Employment

    Sheldon you gay? lol

  4. I wanna be friends with you 🙂

  5. Josh Jeppson

    Great video. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gave Up Porn

    Napoleon Hill was one of the most successful self-help scammer ever. Google it and watch coffee zilla.

  7. this video deserves much more views! Thank you for the tips

  8. i’m not sure i get a sense that as you say adding value to life is any more then business and making money ?
    sometimes cleaning your hone or car or doing dishes is a very real part of life and an experience that adds value to life and relevance beyond social media. imagine an online experience like this note where i comment or say something asking a question and can either go unnoticed or take days yet if i was in front of you and asked a question you’d wait 2 days or a week to reply. so what is true value is what we can justify you think ?

  9. Tay nguyen kim

    We often forget the value of time.

  10. You should not underestimate bullshit movies mate as I invested in BTC around 2016 when I heard it in that dumb movie 🙂

  11. Ran Knockaert

    Hi sheldon, who are succesfull people you watch, read about and get inspired by?

  12. But wait, if you you just save save save, what would you do with all the money, if you cannot have a good life with your own money ?

  13. WHAT THE ucck. That t.v. dude. DAmnnnn

  14. Mana Chronicles

    Appreciate this video

  15. You are my best youtuber..god bless you

  16. I can not find book suggestions… I liked how it got darker as the video went on

  17. Sharafat Ali

    peace ✌️ your mum and dad must be proud of you young man your talking like a matured 50 year old such outlook in life at such young age thanks for this great upload bless you young man👍👍👍👍!!!!

  18. Sage like advice.

  19. Jaren McKnight

    These are the kind of videos that more people need to see

  20. Make Money Now

    Thanks for sharing this!

  21. balanced and happy life consists of doing household stuff on your own unless you run a billion dollar business and are actually busy

  22. people don't waste their time on cooking , cleaning etc. those are just easy things people shortcut by mostly eating out a lot or having someone doing it to them. If being an entrepreneur the time gets wasted on youtube, pornhub and videogames that is just a fact

  23. Jefferson Spicoli

    I do get my banklogs from cashflukes on telegram
    With cool balances and also bought some dumps with pins from him ,ain’t scamming and no red flags at all
    Have been dealing with him for weeks now, legit 💯 ..

  24. Samuel Dimoji


  25. Great theme, 3 Habits That Are Keeping You Poor innovative follow the parameters, grateful for your time and knowledge

  26. This video is really appre4ciated. I would highly recommend this for success.

  27. Abdullah Khairallah

    good video i hope to see more in future

  28. This bad habits will be difficult to overcome but we have to.

  29. ji chang wook

    i like your advice so that i don't lose money or run out of money .
    and so that i do not lose money tha i earn.thanks for the tips.

  30. really nice video and an eye opener for all. Changed my perspective at all

  31. Mubanga Shimusaka

    This is a very good workup call to take note of habits that stop people from making money online.

  32. Real Fact explained by Sheldon & If we adopt this technique then it will definitely help to become successful. These 3 Habits must be changed in order to change the mindset from Poor to Rich. The video is very useful & informative.

  33. Jam Ordoñez

    so true, thanks for the tips, i can keep away now from my bad habits

  34. dheeran vicky

    make more money very interesting about the bad habits! Thanks for sharing this very useful and informative video.

  35. These are very common human habits this video is very useful thanks for sharing this video.

  36. Christian Kakama

    This is really perfect, if we put this in practice for sure we would be successful

  37. Eric C.Jackson

    These are very common habits. We cant easily get out of these. Thanks for sharing this information .

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