How to Overcome Alcohol Addiction – Claudia Christian

Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit-down with actress Claudia Christian. In this interview they talk about how she overcame addiction and the changes that lead to in her life. Check out her book “Babylon Confidential: A Memoir of Love, Sex, and Addiction” here:

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About the Guest: Claudia Christian is an American actress, singer, author, musician, and advocate recognized for starring roles as Commander Susan Ivanova on Babylon 5, as Captain Maynard on Fox’s 9-1-1, and as the voice of Hera on the Netflix series Blood of Zeus.

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  1. Thanks PAT. This is one of the best topics you've taken up. A much needed topic. Thanks.

  2. Jacqueline Kjono

    Years ago, when my brother was going into treatment for the 8th or 9th time, he was really down on himself. I told him that I knew it was harder for him than it was for other people but, that I thought he was very brave because even though he kept falling back into the mud, every time he fought like hell to pull himself out of it. Every time he made a sincere effort to pull himself out of it.

  3. She was awesome in the Hidden. Good on you Claudia

  4. szybkilewyprosty F

    She wos cow cool in B5. I would never suspected she can have alkohol problem.

  5. Great video!!!!!

  6. Godless Life

    I quit 25 of January this year because of pancreatitis

  7. We're not a drinking culture, I believe we're an alcohol culture. Travel any interstate and you'll see bill boards with adds that read, "Cold Beer! next interchange". There seems to be no avoiding it.

  8. I watched ur Ted talk!! Got the meds but need

  9. The movie has been pulled from Amazon Prime. Fyi

  10. Nooch Magooch

    She said her movie One Little Pill is avaliable on Amazon prime video for free but when I checked they want $5 to rent it


    Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.

    — John Lennon

  12. Silverado Tow

    Cutt dah bull,christ,go two lockman fer fast,fer health,not hell

  13. Piers Woodford

    Great talk up until the point when she revealed her cure was taking a drug to stop her cravings then promoted her book and film about this drug – how is that curing the addiction? Change your lifestyle, change your outlook on what socialising involves, even change your friends as cold as it sounds, giving up alcohol is so difficult because so much of our social life and events revolves around this government endorsed poison maybe the most difficult part of giving up is coming to terms with the fact it may mean not having wild nights at the bar, drunken wedding parties etc ever again and the fun we will miss out on. Unfortunately for most it probably will mean gaining new friendship groups and a sense of purpose (sports groups, yoga, etc) where it is very social but alcohol is not involved.

  14. No it's the husband's fault. Own it.

  15. No wonder 'they' are reticent in advertising a drug which gets rid of cravings. Until this program I don't recall this drug mentioned – I've heard of drugs which make you sick when drinking but not drugs which curb the cravings of alcohol…

  16. What I want to know if there's Valuetainment anonymous? I'm seriously addicted to this content. Can't stop watching these videos. Please help.

  17. I have over fifteen and a half years sober today. I was a blackout drinker every day for over twenty years. AA is the only thing that ever helped me stop and stay stopped.

  18. John O'Master

    I'm confused ,so this woman takes a pill now before she drinks and she's able to control her drinking now and she's now a normal social drinker OR she started off with the pill, drank then slowly realized Alcohol did nothing for her and with the pill was able to not want to drink anymore ??? Anyone else Confused ?

  19. peshdad ibrahim


  20. Just suck it up and handle it. Don't blame on the alcohol.

  21. michael cosentino

    That was GREAT THANK YOU !

  22. Recommend looking into Biotuner by Sota. It was developed in Russia to cure alcoholism, but later was found to also treat opiate withdrawal. Dr. Bob Beck heavily promoted it & has decent talks about it & it has a success rate higher than anything else I’m aware of, when combined w 12 step or other addiction therapy, it’s actually about 20 times higher than therapy alone

    Also, certain nutrient & herb protocols also have a high success rate. Herbs like Kudzu reduce craving & specific vitamins & minerals help w the effected neuro chemical aspect. Ideally combined w a biotuner that is supposed to completely restore brain damage in 3-6 months. It definitely helps a person have a better state of mind

    I never was an alcoholic but loved to drink especially at college age & it was often the center of social life although I didn’t drink more than 2-3 & haven’t drank to the point of being hungover in years . I stopped drinking completely temporarily during early phases of a ketogenic diet, and ironically just felt tired the few times I tried to have a drink or too. I actually missed that part of my social life at first & made the conscious decision to try it again a couple times, but every time it took my state & energy level down, which had never happened b4, so there was absolutely no point.

    I haven’t drank at all in years, & had the same response despite no longer being on a ketogenic diet. Friends family think it’s great, some of them drink a little too much & wish they were the same way, & I no longer miss it or feel out of place, in situations where I’m the only one not drinking.

    Not sure if really clean keto diet effects most that way, or if it was just a weird fluke that may or may not be related. Just wanted to mention it in case it helps people struggling

    12 step is usually an absolutely essential part of successfully recovery. The social support is crucial & actually working the steps on paper is an absolute gold mine for self improvement, & that’s something recovery absolutely requires

    If all else fails & it’s a very serious problem, look into Backofen for alcoholism. A doctor wrote a book on it, basically it’s effects drastically reduce cravings. It often requires going much higher than its Max dose & is dangerous to stop taking without several weeks or more of a controlled taper & can even cause death if this is skipped. It works for most people though, in case desperate and out of options. Naltrexone just keeps people from feeling good off of alcohol, but can lower baseline well being substantially for a percentage of people, while backofen improves how feel, so cravings are no longer an issue. Both work for a lot of people but they don’t address the root issues & should be combined w 12 step & nutrition, if alternative methods don’t solve the issue & pharmaceuticals are needed

    Hope this helps

  23. Steve Higgins Sr.


  24. Cole Chillen

    It's awesome to see all the comments about people getting sober and people staying sober. One day at a time.

  25. so take a drug to stop another drug?

  26. Clarke Anderson

    Easy. Smoke a joint . Drink more Busch heavys and pack a lip.

  27. Carlos Oscar Comedy

    Can’t do the FAKE ass lips. I know it’s rude but these women should stop doing lip enhancements the look like…..SHIT.

  28. AnEclecticSoul

    I lost my 24 year old daughter to this disease right after finally kicking it myself. :o( Doesn't seem fair.

  29. Margaret Schultz

    I believe the person must come to terms with whatever the pain is that has created the need ‘to escape’- forgive and move on – and accepting self and having forward vision❤️- prayer always

  30. Mike&Mikey W

    Pat I've been clean for 16 years. The meetings do work if you work it. They work even if you don't work it. Just won't work for you. If you want the really story addiction you need to talk to me.

  31. Almost 2 years sober thanks to 12 step program and AA meetings. Some cases clinical attention needed sure, but not all. 12 steps not outdated, still working daily with thousands of addicts worldwide. The difference here is that the program works for whoever WANTS IT ,not for everyone that need it.

  32. It's a complicated subject and very simple to understand.
    The environment dominates, and sadly it is induce by family and friends.
    Complicated because most people that drink two or 3 beers a day think it's normal.. It's not about drinking to much, it's what you do in your priority, you change your pattern and drinking is your priority, and you don't know it, it's in your subconscious.
    She has it very right.

  33. Ask your Dr about Naltrexone. Works like magic

  34. Can you imagine an entrepreneur releasing a product to sell that kills as many people as alcohol does, the marketing slogan being a lot of people don’t die tho!

  35. It’s nice to see more videos on solving problems instead of dividing people.

  36. The conversation is great but honestly felt disingenuous. The way Claudia just completely dismisses the fact that trauma is at the root of addiction, and simply reduces it to something that causes cravings while simultaneously presenting a pill as a 80% success rate solution just feels so dirty I feel sick writing this. I'm not by any means dismissing her experience but you can ask or look up to any psychiatrists' thoughts on addiction and they will all highlight the importance on treating the trauma to increase the chance of recovery (Gabor Mate for example)

    Present a pill as a solution for addicts and dismissing proven methods with a questionable attitude (referring to the part where she was expressing her frustration at her therapist for trying to work through the undigested emotions from her trauma instead of fixing her cravings immediately while attributing blame to her for getting triggered).

    As an addict myself it hurts to click on a video that is so timely as I'm in recovery, but really just watched a 40 min ad on magic pills for addiction… I'm disappointed @Valuetainment

  37. Chrissi Starski

    Claudia Christian inspired me as a youngster with her role as Susan Ivanovna, without her I'd be half the person I am. She's always seemed to be the baddest bad ass woman. If you can please thank her for me.

  38. Battling this issue myself I really appreciate you having Claudia on! I've opened up the websites and am planning to watch her movie tonight. I'm hopeful and thankful. Year after year I just watch them pass by like minutes. Time is so precious and I hope this helps me on my journey. Thank you sir for what you do. Helped me in business and in my personal life. You are amazing brotha

  39. The One Climb

    You can't logically talk someone out of something they didn't logically talk themselves into.

  40. Henry Medeiros

    Easy way to control Alcohol by Allen Carr is a great book. It helped me quit without having to use will power methods.

  41. This could prolong my life by a lot. I will look into it more. I'm not a person who has incredible urges to drink but I love beer and if I drink one, whatever is left will be drank be it a 12 pack or a 15 pack or more. It would be nice to drink socially with friends and not have to leave early because I don't want to make an ass of myself.

  42. Jude Christian

    Nurture over nature🤔

  43. She is still a beautiful woman

  44. Very valuable interview. This can perhaps lead to cures to other addictions: drugs, eating, pornography, sex, etc. Thank you PBD and Claudia Christian!

  45. "I take drugs to sober up."

  46. This was excellent. Those of us that live with someone addicted have no clue how to help them.

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