HOW TO START KETO | Keto flu – how to manage carb detox

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“Electrolytes are certain nutrients (or chemicals) present in your body that have many important functions — from regulating your heartbeat to allowing your …


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  1. The best prevention of putting on weight, and being able to eat whatever you want without being on a diet , is getting out and excersizing . And not just a walk around the block, push yourself to the limits of your physical ability, and then push past that. I’m a national cross country runner. Even after breaking my femur in 3 places in my right leg along with my rib and fib bones and snapped the tali’s bone in my foot in half , with a leg stunted by 3 inches I still run the 5km faster than those who are fully able ……….and can eat all the sugars and fats that I want to

  2. Omg I hit the keto flu I thought I was dieing I hate this pls God help me.

  3. I really want to start on keto but dont no where to get them from and what ones to get … any help would be really welcome . In the uk
    Thank you

  4. How bad can keto flu get, and can it turn a mild/moderate depression into a severe depression? I think this might have happened to me last week, and now my doctor has doubled the dose of my antidepressant.

  5. Great video, I've started keto maybe 3 weeks ago I had few cheat snacks but trying to stick to it closely. I feel I may have been eating too much food as I haven't noticed any weight loss really. I am cutting now my calories and fat, so my body can start burning my own fat. After thyroid disease and pregnancy, I've gained loads of weight and now stand at 90kg. I want to lose 40kg and get healthier, stabilise my hormones and improve quality of my daily life. I have rather slow metabolism… Hopefully it will all work out 🙂

  6. Your transformation is amazing! Congratulations and thank you for your excellent videos…:)

  7. Thank you so much for your help I've just started my keto regime and you have been my rock congratulations on your weight loss 😀

  8. Your explanation is so clear and to the point. Thank you for that. For 8 months now I'm in the keto lifestyle. I reached my goal weight and never felt better. I'm managing well with the sugar gravies but at times it's still a struggle. Thank you for this great video. Greetings from Aruba.

  9. had this discussion last night when huge amounts of dip, crackers and biscuits were placed on the table at our suicide prevention network meeting. I resisted and a lot of it is simply willpower. As well as the fact I do not want a repeat of this past sunday.
    I have been surprised by the lack of cravings, but I am always on alert being so early into this transition to keto.
    Another thing I have noticed very quickly is when I eat blueberries or strawberries, they are now to amazingly sweet and flavoursome. it is awesome!
    Two of my friends last night are really happy that I have stopped eating lollies etc. They have seen the change in just one week in my mood and depression lifting.7 days no added sugar/carbs and limited ones I have consumed are on the keto diet.I have done 3 single days of fasting in one week, which has really helped me. Because when I have food that is high in fat, minimal carbs, I do not feel hunger.
    Breakfast this morning was awesome and even sour cream has a better taste without all of the sauces etc added.
    people you need to try this regime and lifestyle just for the mental health benefits.

  10. Thank you Christina for addressing this Keto topic and for all of your many other videos as well. I had many classic Keto flu side effects. The one that concerned me most was brain fog. I learned to write things down, like shopping lists and tasks to get thru the frustration of losing focus and concentration. But all of that is improving as I get more control and acclimated. Been a month now on Keto and have seen some pounds shift off, thankfullly.

  11. Thank you ! I love your vids, they are the best ! that little birdy loves you too. ☺️☺️💜

  12. Thank you so very much. I am starting keto second time around and your channel is excellent in explaining in lay persons terms how you feel, what to do, what to expect and how to cope. Had I discovered your channel before my first attempt I would not have given up! Please don’t ever stop your great work.

  13. Been two weeks low carb but today i had aches in legs and very dizzy , i was actually afraid and ended up eating crisps to feel better,, and it worked ,,so want to do keto but need to learn more about how to , 😦

  14. If I get dizzy I immediately drink chicken or beef broth! I bought dry cubes all natural.You have to get your electrolytes back in balance. I even carry it in my purse. It works!

  15. Your reaction to the bird made me laugh so hard 😂 but seriously thank you for this very important information

  16. I agree with other commenters. I almost finally understand KETO and now know what to do with all the bone broth I bought. Still a wee bit questionable about adding additional fat to my abundant fat stores rather than doing a 3-day liquid fast to force my body into ketosis. Biggest negative for me is seems like I'm to be in the kitchen 3 times a day and to quit being a "grazer."

  17. i´ve been doing keto for 13 days now, and i definitly feel the benefits of it very clearly, appetite, skin condition, energy, sleep, all better. but i haven´t lost a single pound, even tho i count calories and eat at a deficit of 500 kcal a day. any idea why that could be? (i´m not really worried yet because keto is making so much things so much better atm, but it´s worth asking..)

  18. Thank you for your wonderful videos my sister! I'm on day 6 of my keto meal plan and I'm AMAZED that I've had NO cravings for carbs or sugar! I started Thanksgiving day and just loaded up on green leafy veggies and some turkey! I felt just fine! I've been taking care to add good fat and maybe that's why I've not suffered any keto flu symptoms…praise the Lord! I thought I was addicted to carbs and sugar, but maybe I wasn't after all. I've got about 40 pounds to lose and I do enjoy long walks and strength training, so I hope to get fit again! Your videos are incredibly helpful and I thank you so much for your help and encouragement!! May God continue to bless your ministry!!! I look forward to seeing more videos!!!