How to Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum & Ripple on Trading 212

Want to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without having to buy and sell them over exchanges that are unreliable, slow and hard to understand? Trading 212 steps in and brings cryptos to the most intuitive trading platform with all the analysis tools and indicators that can help out when deciding on their direction.
We’ve rapidly grown our crypto trading list and David is on hand to take us through finding them on the platform, bringing up their charts and opening positions. We’re quite confident this is the best form of access to these dynamic and volatile markets – trades are executed in milliseconds and are available on our mobile apps for all who prefer to trade on the go.

At Trading 212 we provide an execution only service. This video should not be construed as investment advice. Investments can fall and rise. Capital at risk. CFDs are higher risk because of leverage.


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  1. Moey Wallstrt

    Are you looking to add crypto back into trading212?

  2. Will the uks ban affect my long term positions in January?

  3. So we getting ripple stocks or xrp

  4. I would think bitcoin going to go higher on 11 may 2020

  5. Russell Sneddon

    I just created a Trading 212 account for the purposes of buying some bitcoin. When I signed up, I was asked a few questions about CFDs and, after guessing the answers, I was rightly warned that I don’t know what I’m doing and should be careful.

    If all I’m doing is buying and selling bitcoin in the same way I’d do for stocks, do I need to worry about the meaning of those questions that I couldn’t answer?

  6. I am going by some bitcoins with trading 212 and am going to hold it for a long term. Should I pay fees for holding bitcoins for a long time?

  7. I made an account and I just press sell lol and it took my money when do I see a profit is it when it goes higher then my sell or lower ??? I’m doing well on the stock side but in new in the currency side of 212 btw I didn’t but I just did sell :/

  8. We just hit 13k bitcoin lads

  9. do you guys do copy trading?

  10. How do you get the black background? Mine is white and I can't stand it

  11. Pedro Suarez

    So how exactly I transfer my bitcoin 'profits' to my bitcoin-wallet?

  12. stupid question but, how much leverage can you put on cryptocurrecy? some brokers doesn't seem to have same rate as fx.

  13. Not quoting prices over the weekend turned me off immediately. A gap in the opposite direction to your open position could easily get you your head handed to you.

  14. Cardo Ang probinsyano

    minimum deposit of cryptocurrency to trade?

  15. Dave Soerensen

    What are the commissions for trading cryptocurrency on this platform?

  16. HIdalgo yakerson

    Do you get bonus for inviting someone and the invited too, if so invite me

  17. Jim Ferdinando

    Are you guys gonna decrease the spread for ripple?

  18. Spock in a Ditch


  19. Emmanuel Neni

    Finally! Glad to see Trading 212 is going great into crypto.

  20. SilentKiller

    I got a jar of dirt!!!

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