How To Trade In All Star Tower Defense

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  1. Imagine being in the video

  2. I really want the Christmas present (gogeta) nu name =lormaprogame

  3. The new update is so bad

  4. I have gift 1 and 2 and both their units
    Also Christmas gift of gogeta is 5 star the green one is not gogeta btw

  5. Gifts worth alot rn good thing i played in christmas

  6. Was backstabbed And got scammed fory sabo hope I can get another

  7. Can someone give me free units cuz someone scammed me

  8. New sub 😀

  9. imagine not having ginbei XD LOL

  10. Would u cross trade I have mm2 godlys and vintages I can go first since u're a YouTuber I only have general falcon and NEZUKO on all star

  11. Abdaziz Mohamud

    I want to trade

  12. Super Sonic Eli

    Am not begging

  13. Super Sonic Eli

    Please I need gogeta

  14. Tô tocando personagem [CTRADE] All Star Tower Defense

  15. Liz Henriquez


  16. Panda what you wanna offer for my chrollo or shanks?
    Also to put back your units you have to click them again

  17. I trade the present for 2 read head shank and fire work and fire king

  18. Arik Villarosa

    Shanks for gogeta?

  19. Crimson Delta PH

    Bad part is that I can only trade old units. I was planning to gib my cousin and friends some 5 star units

  20. How to make the t at the unit

  21. I have a Gogeta and I don't like or use him lol.

  22. GeremyGamer DXD

    Lol i have a lot of alts accounts with old units like mihawk or jimbei

  23. Hey do u have a offer for a level 37 ace?

  24. Mason Garcia

    I have ace and mi hawk

  25. can i have sometimg

  26. Wanna trade panda?

  27. this is what im waiting

  28. Can I plz have gogeto plz my name is PG_Bough1 plz

  29. I have a bunch of exclusive units, so we can trade for gogeta

  30. XbloodyXreaperX

    I got gojo my user is superdara123

  31. Omari McCullough

    Can I get a free gift I sub liked and commented

  32. Offbrand Saiyan

    I would do anything for gogeta 😭 I don’t have good trade units tho

  33. Imagin getting pinned 🥶🥶 i want a gogeta but i only have shanks 😭🥶🥶

  34. I want to trade

  35. Game Bot Gaming

    Do more ASTD videos

  36. lingtsznok Roblox&More

    pog imagine if free 6 star

  37. I want a Christmas gift but I have no units that I can trade will you be able to give me ace of mihawk or a Christmas gift for free pls I lost all my units

  38. Nelson Montero

    Give me Christmas gift pls

  39. Dude give stuff free you dude need any more units give free to people

  40. Man man lucky guy got mihawk me still having goku ssj as an air unit

  41. Ethan Alterman

    I’ll trade with you

  42. Muhammed Omesh

    i dont have much teh rarest i have is uhhh the fish dude from one piece

  43. for gogeta

  44. what can i get for shanks?

  45. Or 5 star

  46. Trading for Blackbeard 6 star

  47. I have metaknight

  48. Henrich vrynze Abayan

    Panda can I ahve gogeta pls I really need it my name in roblox is vrynzeisa pls I'm beggeing

  49. I can only trade Alternative Natsu bruh , how do I make a unit trabable

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