How to use Google Ads Call Recording Like a Boss 😎

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It’s a recent feature that is less than 6 weeks old, but did you know that you can record customer calls on Google Ads in order to gauge the lead quality your campaigns are generating?

Quite often when I speak to businesses who generate leads as opposed to making online sales, I tend to ask them what their conversion rate is of inbound lead over the phone, to sale.

It’s an important question and one I created a whole lesson and planning tool for on my PPC accelerator, but the truth is, most businesses are likely guessing.

Businesses could have multiple staff who answer the phone and some don’t have a CRM system to log calls particularly smaller businesses.

That is where this feature becomes useful, because it allows you to listen to the calls generated by your Google Ads campaigns and then you can make a note on the call outcomes and truly understand your quote to sale rate.

This is particularly handy in niches with high CPCs, as you may look at your conversions column and see a bunch of calls, but then in reality, your leads could be junk and you may need to fix something.

It could be a mismatch between your keywords and search terms, or it could be something wrong on your landing page, but the idea is, listening to your calls will tell you if something is wrong, so it’s a task well worth doing.

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