HOW TO USE JIRA | Free Agile Project Management Software (Jira tutorial for Beginners)

Hey team, today we dive into this Jira tutorial for beginners and share how you can use Jira in an agile project management environment.

Jira is a project management software build for software development projects. However, Jira also offers project management workflows for other business and project types.

Today we’ll cover Jira’s free plan that allows up to 10 users.

Check out our full written post on how to get started with Jira over on our website:

►In this Jira tutorial we cover the following chapters:

0:00 Intro
01:18 Getting started with Jira
02:14 Jira dashboard
02:39 What is an Agile Process?
03:04 Software Development Workflow
04:00 Create EPIC
04:10 What is an Issue?
04:38 What is an EPIC?
05:59 Create a Story
06:15 What is a Story?
08:03 Create a Task
08:26 Create a Sprint
08:34 What is a Sprint?
10:02 Create a Subtask
11:49 Scrum Roles
12:12 Product Owner
12:25 Scrum Master
13:17 Scrum Team
13:46 Add Teammates
13:55 App integrations
14:14 Other Project Types
16:24 Outro

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Let me know if you found this Jira tutorial helpful. Also, if you have any questions make sure to pop them down below.

Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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  1. Rajdip Tarafdar

    Awesome !

  2. I wish i didn't need to watch a bunch of these videos. My company has adopted Jira company wide, and it just seems so damn unintuitive. Feature within different pages, drop-downs, menus within menus… Maybe I just need to get used to it after a few months

  3. Well explained with simple examples. Much appreciated. Thanks for the video. Cheers

  4. Thank you Stewart, you really did great in bringing clarity and simplicity to perceived difficult JIRA workflow.

  5. Thank you for showing the live test process of jira work flow with clear explanations and details 👌

  6. Jason Livingston

    Nice video. You need a quieter mouse though.

  7. Awesome!!!

  8. Message in a Bottle

    After 30days how we pay for 1 year next

  9. Funsho Bellz

    Very good video. Did you crete the project using Kanban or Scrum or Bug …

  10. seriously Thanks for this. I was trying to learn this during a work presentation and was so lost with they way they explained it. Once again…YOUTUBE to the rescue. 🙂

  11. very clear. Thanks a lot.

  12. Thanks for this. Imagine not being a developer but some exec comes out and tells everyone in IT they need to learn agile and start using jira & confluence 🤣. I feel like I always have to figure it out through myriad of documentation and online examples/use cases.

  13. Thank you. Waiting for more tutorials on Jira. 🙂

  14. Cristian Riccio

    I'd don't have the same user interface as you on my JIRA. Which JIRA version are you using and how can I find out my JIRA version?

  15. Hi I am working on this tutorial I find it very usefyl but jira for some reason does not provide me with the option " issue type" in order to select for instance epic (it gives me only the option of issue type "task" while sprint also does not appear at the end as your example .Do you have an idea what maybe going wrong ?

  16. Hey Stew not bad for a Kiwi m8! 😛

  17. Student Professor

    Are you Australlian?

  18. Abheesh Nair

    Very Helpful

  19. Hi @Stuart. I have just tried to follow along to your video and there's a lot of good material! But I think I either missed a couple of steps or maybe Jira has released a big update in the last few weeks or something. A couple of things….
    1. The 'Sprint' app is now called 'Board'
    2. Sub-tasks appear to only exist in that they are in the admin and settings portals but are nowhere to be found where you have listed them. I see 'child issues' now as the option but as a new user I don't quite understand the difference/relationship between the two.
    3. There are a couple of items that, out of the box, need to be enabled to be used. For instance, I had to figure out why sprints weren't part of my default package somewhere else and then figure out how to enable it.

    I'm hoping I just missed some things! Thanks for putting up this video.

  20. You're Awesome

    Thank you! That was a good intro!

  21. Zielik fighter

    Very good video! Thanks

  22. Morten F. Hansen

    Good introduction and tutorial on Jira. But, please remove the bloody click sound. Its horribly … and ignoring.

  23. Rajon Hossen

    Plzz help me

  24. Rajon Hossen

    Ami new kau aso hlp korban???

  25. Thanks for sharing this video it was great. However, you got the meaning of project manager and product owner wrong, its vice versa.

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