HP 22es IPS LED Backlit Monitor Unboxing And In Depth Review.

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HP 22es Display 54.6 cm, 21.5 Inch THINNEST IPS LED Backlit Monitor Unboxing And In-Depth Review. Its a FullHD Display with great viewing Angle, color contrast and stunning design.

If u want tO buy this display click link:

review hp


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  1. What about the black? I mean…… black background looks black or grey in color?

  2. If this monitor don't have internal speaker then how we should use external one

  3. this is first time i hear frame drops in Deisplay review , off course its not laging , its not 1990s LCD Display , non of them lag at least i didnt see it for years .

  4. hey what's wrong with your English man it's quite bad…i mean you don't know how to speak properly..

  5. this monitor is quite good and having both HDMI cable and VGA cable not in other monitors like provide VGA / HDMI not both , so this the best feature from the company

  6. You were playing a scaled up video…. Please always run true fhd content after downloading it from youtube or anyother good source….(if you have a poor connectivity/net speed issue)

    Never compare screens on based of such videos… They can never give you true colour details, whatsoever screen resolution would be

  7. Very nice vid. I think I made the choice to buy it. BDW is screen stand movable at an angle?? I mean the tilt