HP Blackbird 002: First Look Review

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HP look to take a slice of the lucrative gamer market with this hot new rig the Blackbird 002. Already pimped to the max out of the box can it deliver the punch that hardcore fraggers require? and can it compete with the likes of the Dell XPS or the Alienware Area 51. Katie Scott has a chat with a man who should know on behalf of Megawhat.

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  1. if it was only $3,000 i think it would be perfect. its got relatively good parts, what dont you like about them? the motherboard is great and so is the frame rate and memory. the asthetics are the best part about it i agree but i tried it at a freinds house and its really really top notch. its just outrageously expensive.

  2. I agree. With the money they charge you to buy the Blackbird I could build an intel i7 machine with all the most expensive parts from Newegg and probably still have 100 or 200 dollars left over.

  3. Agreed…The case is sooo orgasm inducing…

    If i were the CEO of HP i'd sell the Case alone….

    Make so much mula off that shit.

  4. The 'bird is assembled in Canada and has been available since September 2007. Originally only available in Canada and the US off their dedicated website, they're now selling a 'retail' system through a few US retailers. It's a fixed system though and you can't tailor it. It would still be less expensive ordering it from HP and then having it shipped to the UK. However, you will need an address there for them to ship it to because they won't ship overseas. He is talking in pounds by the way.

  5. Videos take to long to load from Megawhat, so I haven't and won't be watching it.
    At least its not a review of another damn camera ffs.