HP Elite Slice Review

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A review of the HP Elite Slice PC. An ultra compact desktop with modular building blocks like the B&O Audio module, Optical Drive module, and VESA mount module.

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HP Elite Slice review.

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  1. How is the audio on this device? Haven't been able to find any reviews on the quality yet

  2. It looks beautiful. And like you say in the video, module upgrades and integrations will determine its adoption

  3. Basically a mac mini, but HP could of done better by putting in gddr6 memory, share by system and gpu. No reg ddr ram, just gddr6. It would make graphics and system fly. Or they could have a GPU module like you mentioned.

  4. Your voice is rather soothing yet sleep-inducing. Maybe try reading for audiobooks for children or sleep-deprived people. But really, you should try to be a bit less suave sounding to make your video sound more appealing. I hope this came off as constructive criticism.

  5. Hi there – thank you so much for the video and review. I'm in the process of looking for a small lightweight portable computer to take with me when I go abroad in a few months. I'm a graphic designer and work for myself. Currently, I use Adobe CC Indesign and Illustrator extensively. Although I've always been Mac based for the past 25 years, due to cost constraints and 'bang for the buck', I'm currently considering one of these machines (as I have an Adobe subscription package, so could run the aforementioned software on either platform). The model I'm looking at is the following: HP Elite Slice Tiny PC USFF i5 6600T 2.7GHz 8GB RAM – I was wondering if you could give any advice as to whether I could comfortably run the Adobe software on this spec of machine (I would also like to know if it's possible to upgrade the RAM to 16GB). Another mini PC I'm also looking at is the HP EliteDesk 800 G3 Mini PC, I7-7700 with 16GB RAM 256 NVMe SSD. I would really be grateful if you could give me any advice as mentioned above. Thanks again!

  6. This is only 6th gen, come on now intel is at 8th gen, see the intel nuc 8th gen.

  7. I am preparing to go RV'ing and hopefully, full time. This form factor would be perfect as a replacement for my home desktop, to simply ~ take on the road. ANY Possibility? Still not sure after this (first) video!

  8. I can think of number of modules in addition to external graphic, like UPS module that would be connected directly to 220/110, NAS module, dock module fo basic connections on desctop, so I could take PC without unplugin network, monitor, mose and such.

  9. "Hope you guys enjoyed the review of the HP Elite Slice review."

    Huh?? This was a review of a review?

  10. Why not make one of the modules a graphics card so it can be a gaming pc. Considering what it can do $900 is way to much for a mid to low quality PC. I would be excited if this thing was $300 to $500, considering I can get a Alienware Alpha that has a similar footprint made for gaming and cost less there's a problem with the pricing structure, BUT this is the type of PC I would want! HP can and should do better.

  11. You didn't even test out the performance (web browsing, gaming, video editing…).

  12. You didn't mention if the cool wireless keyboard and mouse comes with, and if they are actually functional. I have been shopping this and find it very hard to find information on how to build the system that you really want. Nicely done video.

  13. This should prompt Apple to up their game with their Mini franchise. HP could really wipe the showroom floor if they expanded this concept into their home consumer series.

  14. I do not like the slice. There are too many variations in the main unit. It would be simpler to have all of the options; especially for the price. Also, why don't you have a cd rom built in; how do you expect to enter data. I would not buy it. I'd rather have a desktop.

  15. I like its looks. It would be good if it has wireless charging and skype for business buttons as default equipment on the base unit. You're right about thunderbolt 3 having it on the module connector and on the USB-c port is a good idea. It is better looking than the last Mac Mini.

  16. Thanks and great review, You should add "First on net" to your title. I would have however liked if you showed or mentioned about the speaker performance. Is it worth the extra dough?