HP EliteBook 745 G3 Review

A review of the HP EliteBook 745 G3 business laptop. Is it a good enough AMD alternative to the Windows Dell XPS 13 or Apple MacBook Pro laptops?

review hp


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  1. Eduards Siliņš

    Been using it for a couple of days and sadly cant recommend it, its really slow and overpriced for its performance.

  2. Can I use the hard disck of this laptop as external hard and connect it to another computer ?

  3. Chandra Prakash Rana

    the battery is no longer. any solution??????

  4. It's good at games???

  5. Elica Encheva

    What about 745 g2? Is it ok ? Or at least wat is the difference between G2 and G3?

  6. Sebastian Barra yañez

    I have this computer how much I can sell it

  7. Mohamed Taha

    هل يمكن اضافة هارد ssd الي لاب hp elitebook 745 g2

  8. Huzaifa Wahla

    Sir is this laptop is best for my software work? Like java and c++?

  9. tool for to enable sim card

  10. how to enable sim card plz

  11. Crie Realidade

    You would recommend buying this notebook in 2020, appeared a buying opportunity.
    $ 274,80

  12. Yomna Yasser

    Is it for beginners programmers?

  13. Can u game on it

  14. The battery not sharg what can I do & what the solution.

  15. Chio Saephan

    Where you put cd in to burn

  16. A. Moskitters

    Anyone know how to turn on the backlight for hp elitebook 745?? Thanks in advance

  17. Black Shadow

    Can I animate on this? Using Adobe flash?

  18. I work in an environment where we support 3000 of these TURDS, also the 735 and 745. They are dreadful, the worst and most unreliable devices we have every supported. The battery is at 30 minutes after one year of use. They're weird and have weird, quirky faults. The only thing worse we have is the X2's, theyre even worse. How HP can call these business use devices is a joke.

  19. Syed Zunair 3208

    Bro what is the use of SC line or Port???Please tell me

  20. can it handle editing software for movies and pictures?

  21. Is it good for engineering???

  22. Is it good enough for video editing with adobe premiere and after efek??

  23. Had to watch this 3 times to understand your comments as there is little volume – 100% sound with headphones and I could not hear your voice adequately. Has anyone installed a lightweight Linux on this model. What wireless card is used in this system?

  24. Craig Dillon

    No HDMI??? Incompetent.

  25. Douglas Brown

    The audio quality is fine but your voice which, I wanted to hear, is only about 5% as loud as "musical" sound at the end of the video, which I didn't want to hear. It seems that your main issue is ridiculously short battery life. While I agree that 3.5 hours of business use is pretty pathetic, I almost never use my laptops anywhere where I can't plug it in. Overall, your review was good and I appreciated the information. If not for the audio in whisper mode voice and the painfully loud musical bs at the end of the video I could give it a thumbs up.

  26. Nitiphon Rueangsri

    is it can play a game?

  27. Daniel Abraham

    Why havent you uploaded a review on hp elitebook 745 G2 ?

  28. Another channel has re-upped this video. Thought you'd like to know.

  29. I received this laptop through work. New, out of the box, the laptop wobbles while typing and in the first 48 hrs of use the IT department had to replace the motherboard due to a defective headphone port. While I appreciate the lightness in weight of the laptop, I would prefer longer battery life in exchange for more weight. Having the battery not being user replaceable (i.e. easily swappable) as it is behind the chaise compounds the short battery life issue. The viewing angles are poor on the device compared to my 3 year old Dell Latitude business model it replaced.

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