HP EliteBook 830 G6 Review (13.3" Business Laptop with HP Sure View)

A review of the HP EliteBook 830 G6 Business Laptop.

HP has updated the EliteBook 830 G6 with new hardware features including Whiskey Lake-U vPro, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth 5. The most interesting new refresh is a tasty 1000 nit display with SureView Gen3 and a plethora of security tools. Is it enough to keep the EliteBook 830 G6 on top of the competition?

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UK SKU: 6XE61EA#ABU £1065 + VAT

HP EliteBook 830 G6 Business Laptop Review with HP Sure View

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  1. Hp elitebook 840 G6 13.3 inch is it same?

  2. Christoph Mayr

    Should I get the 13.3 inch or 14inch version?

  3. I’m using this laptop. I brought brand new. Very nice, decent and pretty good design.
    I’m happy with this laptop and been using 4 years from now.
    Just have a webcam issue it’s not working, gets an error but I don’t have an issue as I don’t need it since yet.
    Good product

  4. I wish it's a sim card tray. What if the sim just slipped?

  5. Сергей Казантипов

    Commercial review. I bought this notebook with sureview. I have never seen matrix worse than this.

  6. I just want to know why the price is that high?! I mean NOK 84k = almost 10 grand for a computer. I just wanted to know why it's work that much money. It's three months' salary for an educated man!

    If it becomes gold, that amount of money is not worth it.

  7. Aimiebenomo Jemima John

    I have issues shutting down, can anyone help?



  9. "Sure View" is 100% "Sure not to view". A perfect screen for the blind!

  10. It looks really good 😍

  11. Chetan Pagariya

    Save your eyes and do not buy this laptop. Not at all useful for even using for 5 minutes. People from Media background dont even keep this in your option, better buy cheap laptop then wasting your money in this garbage.

  12. JKtheDovahkiin

    Did you try any games?

  13. It coast $3000 I will pass.

  14. Is the screen a touch screen?

  15. Thanks for your review. Yes, the Gen 3 Sure View offers narrow viewing angles even if it is disable. I ordered a G5 panel with 120Hz refresh rate to replace my G6 one, I will do an update for those we are interested.

  16. is it touch screen…?

  17. Khushboo Sharma

    where is insert key in this laptop?

  18. Xander Skeiron

    Sure view Gen3 is garbage and should be binned. Gen2 was active technology that retained IPS level viewing angles when off, with Gen3, it's just a standard privacy filter and a button that basically just dims the screen when pressed. I'm very dissapointed HP. I own both Gen2 and Gen3 machines and I'm planning to return the Gen3 as it gives me headaches due to one eye seeing a bright screen while the other sees dark, especially in portrait mode (it's a x360 device, hence should work also as a tablet, sure view gen 3 makes sure that it doesn't).

  19. display is horrible and hurts my eyes

  20. Andrew Kravets

    Unfortunately I bought this thing. Screen is bad: has uneven brightness across the surface. Plus I can see small particles between my eyes and the picture, especially when opening white pages.

  21. Euan Christie

    Found this for £375 tested and working is it worth it for the price? Seen it online new for around £1200 would you be able to get back to me asap as its limited in stock! Thanks a lot 🙂 Needing to save the sale for me but all i can say is its an extremely trusted UK store

  22. Nathiya Mohan

    This laptop is overheat

  23. middle/scroll button for the track point will make this laptop perfect

  24. Aladin Vilić

    Before 10 years I buy my hp probook 4720s and I still have it. So, now I searching for new, with same quality and I think this G6 is not good enough :/

  25. Михаил Скорбеж

    Ну вот схера ли пихают свои фирмовые разъемы под док-станции, нахуа?

    Лучше бы еще один порт с тандером запилили боги инженерии — по рукам им и по жопе, по рукам и жопе… и по голове!

  26. Joshua Magunduni

    I love my laptop

  27. Dispaly port, USB-C, VGA port
    But no HDMI
    That's a bit weird

  28. have a G5. Screen is really bad and uncomfortable to work with. Looks like 2010.
    Also it has a hotkey conflict: Fn+P is both * in numpad and SureView feature that dims the screen. I work a lot with numpad and this is SO annoying. Had a ticket with HP and they said it's hardcoded in hardware and there is no solution for it.

  29. Not sure why an additional USB port can't be added on the left hand side.

  30. nkosinathi machimane

    Thank you!

  31. singtweetypie

    Thank you for this excellent review. I was looking at this on the HP Canada website boxing day sale as it was at a truly excellent price – but that screen and the wide bezels were a deal breaker. I keep my laptops for years and don't think I could put up with those poor viewing angles over a long period of time. I am working on an old HP EliteBook 8440P and the bezels are almost identical to the 830 which is surprising given how many manufacturers have slimmed them down to almost nothing over the years. My screen on this old laptop appears better than the 830 as well. I am disappointed as I really like the business laptops but think I will have to forego it this time as the prices are out of reach unless you buy one with the most basic options. I do have to say that I like the keyboard on the EliteBook and found it comparable to the old ThinkPad keyboards.

  32. Can you please tell me what is the usb from 6:12?
    Thank you very much!

  33. Christoffer Emanuelsson

    The new generation of sure view is a joke! If you look at the Elitebook 840 G5 the sure view feature is very good and does the job. At the G6 it is garbage! It just dampers the screen not blocking viewers from another angle.

  34. kierunkowskaz

    Hideous bezels

  35. would you know if it is the same panel as the 840 G6?

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