HP Envy 13 x360 Convertible AMD Ryzen Review

The #HP #ENVY13 x360 Convertible in my words is the almost perfect 13.3″ ultrabook. It has a fantastic speaker, IPS display, touchscreen support, and also a convertible. What could possibly go wrong? Let’s find out.

#AMDRyzen 5 2500U Quad-core processor
AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics
13.3 FHD IPS Display (Corning Gorilla Glass)
14.9mm thin, 1.27kg
256GB SSD Storage
Bang & Olufsen Quad speakers
IR camera security login
Touchscreen & Pen support
Convertible – laptop, tent, tablet, stand mode
Color: Dark Ash Silver


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HP Envy 13 x360 Convertible Review,

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  1. Major Masibo

    2021 and this laptop doesn't have loud fans. The battery life is good. Lasts me more than 7 hrs of browsing with a couple of tabs open. I don't know if the issues were fixed by updates but so far so good. Out of the box I had the same issues. Now the fans only get loud and the pc overheats when connected to the charger or when its on a clothed surface.

  2. I've had this since 2018

  3. Techno NIGHTMARE

    watching this video through one

  4. Is it waterproof or water resistant?

  5. TheChargerMan

    can I do gaming on it? like gta 5 ?

  6. Gaming With Taquan

    Thanks for the information

  7. calton mutah

    Thank you so much man , i just subscribed because u dd not miss out any piece of detail.i hope u keep that up

  8. Enzo Bergström

    "Indestructible display". Excuse moi 🥴

  9. Wilbert Bermejo-Flores

    That looks lit man. HP got that best laptops, best designs, and best colors to. Looks great.

  10. Theckla Elonge fobia

    My own didn't come with a pen , why

  11. Hi…I have bought HP Envy 8 months ago…. 2 months ago there was an windows update and after that my laptop has starting issues. Some days when I turn on, the power just blinks and screen is blank. I have called service center and was asked to hold power button for 30 sec and then again plug in start on. This works sometimes with multiple attempts. But this is happening very frequently and it is very much annoying as I miss my online classes some times. If you can please suggest me any permanent solution. Thanks

  12. sai rohith nani

    We can play games in this?

  13. mohammad arslan

    Bought it 3 days ago and happy with it
    Only if it had a better battary life and the display size was like 15 inches

  14. Quick question does the pencil come with the laptop tho?

  15. This laptop needs two USB 3.2 Gen 2 USB-C port to be perfect…. Oh, just realized this is the older version of the Envy x360. The newer version is much better, smaller bezels, better battery, better thermals…

  16. Dinesh Sehra

    Very nice review. All points, pros and cons, well covered. The flow was natural.

  17. Hp is cheap not to good..

  18. Let's Do Tech

    Should I buy hp pavilion x360 i7 10th gen 16 gb ram version or with this model.It Is for high coding.Please reply

  19. where is this laptop manufactured?? is this made in china??

  20. Jose Rodolfo Florez Ortiz

    Is it normal for my ram to only show 5.88gb usable 8gb?

    someone happened to you? can you help me?

  21. I was just about to buy this laptop. So what other laptop do you recommend as a student around the same price range?

  22. Is this laptop upgradable???

  23. Sethu Mathavan D C S

    Is this better than pavilion series??

  24. Ok Ok but mine is loud as f**

  25. Juice WRLD 2

    no one every talks about the poor hp pavilion x360

  26. Isak Westergren

    Does it work well with PS?

  27. Cameron Daniel

    at least it doesnt have a tn screen

  28. Can u run Photoshop smoothly on this?

  29. Can you record a video showing the webcam quality?

  30. You deserve more views bro

  31. Priyadith Gowda

    Is the ram upgradable

  32. Everything Videos

    I never had any noise with my hp envy x350 2 in 1 mine had a i7 with 16gb ram and a 1tb hard drive.

  33. The X360 surpassed all expectations especially for the price lnfo.help/HPEnvy?六 Very fast, awesome graphics and responsive touchscreen. This is my 3rd HP over the past 8 years and the X360 is by far at the top due to performance and value. The AMD Ryzen 5 chip process speed enables the X360 to perform very well even with large graphics intensive programs. I didn't buy this computer for the 2 in 1 feature however it a pretty cool never the less.

  34. Is there a case for this?

  35. Any hinge problem?

  36. hey what do you think about the new HP Envy x360 ?
    To me it looks like the perfect convertible.
    Oh an done thing: Did you find the screen size of 13inch enough for university ?

  37. Hemanth Krishna Chitrada

    I watching this video with my new hp envy 13 super excited!

  38. I thought i was watching a international guy’s reviewer- tengok2 org melayu jugak😅

  39. Renanto Pratama

    Did they fix the wifi, fan and battery problem on the 2019 model with Ryzen 3700U?

  40. fardinsadaf ahmed

    Bro Im really confused which one to buy between
    This laptop and hp pavilion x360 14-dh1042tx..
    It would be really helpful if any one can suggest which one would be good for my college .

  41. Charlotte Dardenne

    Is USB port type A is on both sides?

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