HP ENVY 17 Review

We review the new HP Envy 17! See deal and coupon from LogicBUY: http://www.logicbuy.com/deals/hp-envy-17-laptop/19986.aspx

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  1. Carlos Pinto

    2018 and i sitll have this computer. Burns like hell ……..

  2. What's the latest on HP envy's massive overheating problem?  Anyone have any info?  This has been a major problem for almost everyone that's bought this laptop according to the forums all over the net.  Did HP offer anything to it's customers as compensation? I own one and it has been the worst laptop for overheating problems that I have ever owned.  Ruins it's powerful processing/memory etc features by slowing it down to a snails pace.  A real shame, it had potential to be great… I wish I could get my money back or be offered an alternative laptop 🙁

  3. I have ordered an hp envy 17 and it has an option to opt in an geforce 740m graphics card and has a great processor of i7 quad core if you choose to add it in to the price

  4. can you tell us the model of this laptop. theirs a store that has this laptop and i see this video was uploaded in 2010. I was just wondering if this high retail store is selling this same laptop as new, three years old. the model they have is NV17J021NR


  5. Dr. Tyrone Wells, Jr.

    Great comprehensive review.  Would have loved to also hear about the option of gpu's.

  6. who made that comment spam Mac's are shit

  7. What setting yours bero???

  8. TheCreeperMan990

    I'd say the HP ENVY 17-j029nr Quad Edition Notebook PC solves most problems this model had, and as for cooling, most laptops suffer poor cooling. This is why there are external cooling devices.

  9. Fireicer Cooper

    More plastic laptops lol

  10. i have this laptop and it's actually pretty good. The only bad thing is that it overheats too fast (you can't play Battlefield 3 for more than 1 hour without an oberheat shutdown)

  11. Guillermo Areas

    If you wanna buy it just dont do it! I bought it when it came out after like 4 months of use was overheating like crazy and when I say like crazy I mean that you can cook eggs on it, no joke at all. All you can do now is use Chrome or Office but besides that… you are just going to get burned.

  12. it has 2 gigs of graphpics how is it not good for gaming??

  13. are you sure you got the same laptop cause the envy is really good whats shit about?

  14. Guillermo Areas


  15. its Ok dude…no worries …todos te entendemos XD

  16. Soy un Pollo

    te envy now (2013) have the iluminated keyboard and the dvd reader is in the left side (my english sucks i know xD)

  17. AnimexMetalxTrance xGamesxPianoxGuitar

    it looks amazing man, im getting this for 850 bucks, i736qm1,radeon7850m,bluray, so damn excited..

  18. AnimexMetalxTrance xGamesxPianoxGuitar


  19. AnimexMetalxTrance xGamesxPianoxGuitar

    they already have the hp envy 17 new model with a 3d display,i736q1m,radeon7850m,8gbram, the envy is an amazing laptop, easily a desktop replacement. its pretty darn new 😀

  20. TheMicIsMyLover

    Does anyone know if HP will come out with a new envy next year? I plan on buying a laptop in the summer of 2013 with hopes of getting any newer laptops from them. Thanks, I appreciate it!

  21. Denis Josimar

    You wont get more than 3 hours with this laptop (on powersaver). unless you buy the 9 or 12 cell battery. the downside of buying bigger battery is that they stick out the Laptop.. makes it look like a laptop stand, some ppl like it some DONT. its Up to you.

  22. Denis Josimar

    Any sandy bridge processor computer is capable of playing any of those games, you won't be able to play'em on High settings tho… Unless you buy a Laptop designed for gaming , asus G74-75. alienware, ETC. I own a thinkpad x230. and I can play most games (low settings)

  23. applezockerlb

    tell me why

  24. Is this laptop good for gaming example Need For Speed Most Wanted 2 or the Forza Horison?

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