HP Laptop 15-BA079DX Unboxing, First Boot and Quick Review

I just bought a reasonably priced laptop from HP. AMD A10 9600p – 6GB Ram Memory – 1TB HDD – Touch Screen
Check it out now: http://amzn.to/2dPGke9
HP 4-Cell Battery http://amzn.to/2eZnxNF
My Favorite mouse: http://amzn.to/2doP2DT
Mega-Storage: http://amzn.to/2e9xygt

review hp


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  1. Edgar González

    Hola, me podrías enviar los drivers, si tienes. Gracias

  2. Show the keyboard!

  3. Anyone own this laptop and have problems with the laptop being extremely slow after the latest bios update from April of this year? I cant really even use it now its so slow from updating the bios. Hoping for a windows update fix or a new bios update soon :/

  4. Romeo Cagliano

    I've just bought a Omen X HP 17-AP001NL not so bad tho

  5. GURU TEJA Chilukoti

    Whats the bluetooth chipset on this laptop? Realtek? broadcomm? Intel?

  6. Can it run warthunder?

  7. Daquane Artis

    I'm getting one tomorrow, is it worth buying

  8. Raymond Khan

    any comments/updates on this laptop. thinking about purchasing this unit

  9. is it touch screen

  10. I thought it was touch screen

  11. gg mah dood

  12. Did you have issues with Bluetooth icon showing up?

  13. anyone know if this laptop have Bluetooth….. plz help anyone

  14. does this laptop have Bluetooth

  15. how do you upgrade this labtop?

  16. TheDragonKnight

    good video man, great laptop for just 300 bucks, it seems good for school and gaming, though I can play minecraft well here without no lag….hey, lets see if I can play skyrim here!

  17. BakedPotato TV

    i just got this thing. shitty battery, just unplugged it not even 20 mins ago, went from 100-70% so fast !!! im on fuckin battery saver and it says 63% now and it was just at 70 wtf ya fuckin thing! 40 minutes remaining…. returning this thing to best buy…

  18. Sky Onslaught

    I was looking for an unboxing of this laptop to see what I was getting into. This is such a good video man. Except in the beginning the screen wasn't fully in the frame. Which isn't a real big deal. I like the content on your channel. You really deserve more subscribers. +1 sub from me 😀

  19. Steven Castle

    Good video but I do have a couple suggestions. The beginning of the video the laptop wasn't in the frame. Also this being a touchscreen it would be more informative if you used that a bit. Thanks

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