HP OMEN Review – Their Best Gaming Laptop (2018)

The 2018 HP Omen is the best gaming laptop they’ve made in a few years. Starting at $800 this thin-bezeled laptop is worth checking out.
HP Omen – https://amzn.to/2MP4syS
Omen Mouse – https://amzn.to/2MKNEJg

With 8th gen 6-core CPUs and GTX 1060 on tap, the new HP Omen delivers a surprisingly good value in the mid-tier gaming laptop market. The 144 Hz screen brings a smooth gaming experience to the laptop without being super expensive.

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  1. The 2018 model is the first HP OMEN gaming laptop i’ve recommended in a couple years. Glad to see HP making some good moves. Thanks for watching!

  2. ManaTumProHo

    I have a HP omen 15 2018 model laptop and suddenly the left side of it sparked so I quickly turned it off anyone knows what happened? The laptop works fine the charger works and the temps are normal too so what exactly happened?
    Edit: when i turned it on windows defender found a virus

  3. Muhammed Amin

    I have zero knowledge about laptops, o just started researching on it. I've been watching a lot of YouTubers for reviews, and for some weird reasons, I ONLY TRUST THIS GUY FOR MY LAPTOPS NOW. If he says its good, I'm buying it

  4. The 17 inch version of this doesnt have fan control or power modes can somebody help me ?

  5. Kanishq chandran

    When u realize that every comment was at least a year old!

  6. Rafael Imanov

    1:04 is it harmful for screen view? Can it damage monitor?

  7. Mark Elioney Perez

    I had the Omen 2017 and after seeing this video, I wish I waited and buy this one instead.

  8. it's not worth it it overheats to 98c GPU and 97c CPU that means fps drops in games and A hot processor can slow down a computer and make it operate less effectively and laptops can be severely damaged by overheating i don't recommend it .

  9. BumBum Reaker

    What’s the intro song called

  10. Md Waliul Sakib

    is the vram 6gb or 3gb one ?

  11. are we gonna ignore how in the diagram the internals are the wrong way round relative to the chassis?

  12. lediju azeez

    @dave Lee I will like to know if I can replace the 60hz screen with a 144hz screen on this laptop?

  13. anyone wants to see the 2020 version ??

  14. BattleSupreme

    Do one on the HP Omen 15 2020!!!

  15. So far, this laptop is 10x faster that the Acer lnfo.help/_HpPavilion I originally bought (which broke 2 months after purchase). Very reliable everything just plain runs smoothly. Graphics are great. If you change the settings, the battery life is better but I prefer keeping it plugged in and running max performance.

  16. Satyam Shandilya

    can you review 2020 model

  17. Please review also the Omen x 17

  18. Sri Raghava M

    I'm confused between HP Pavilion 15-dk0045tx and HP Omen 15-dc1093TX. Both are having the same specifications but I want to buy a laptop with the better build quality, performance, and durability. I want to use a laptop for at least 5-7 years. I'm using Hp pavilion au 006tx for the last 4.5 years now I'm having some overheat issues. My main purpose is not gaming but build quality and long term performance. I use a laptop for remote desktop connection to my office, watching videos. I don't like to buy another laptop for 5-7 years so build quality and performance I insist. Please provide me some suggestions also (Only hp). My budget is around $1000 max. I prefer a 15.6-inch screen but if it's a good option I will go for 14 inches also.

  19. stop flexing your screen ;D

  20. JiGar's Entertainment

    I have omen 2018 with 1660ti. But thermals are not good. Gaming temperature are 95c to 100 centigrade. And fps drop on charging. Anyone plz help me

  21. Sushant Kumar

    You really reviews best… Thank you so much sir.

  22. Would you say it's a good laptop for photo/video editing over the MSI 15.6" Modern Series Creator 15M?

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