HP Pavilion 15 Sleekbook Review

Lisa Gade reviews the HP Pavilion 15 Sleekbook Windows 8 laptop. This is an affordable 15.6″ slim notebook that weighs 4.6 pounds. It has a 1366 x 768 …

review hp


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  1. Jasmine Caparo

    Can you tell me the output and input on the charger please. I lost my charger and the laptop only tells me the input and not the output which is really hard to find

  2. Michael Marquise Woods

    Aye look at a younger Lisa! So cute 😍

  3. Coyia Washington

    I need help finding a charge for one of these if any one could help that would be great

  4. Lopez Martinez Karla

    ¿Dónde consigo su cargador?

  5. I have this laptop and I probably won't upgrade until 2021. It does pretty much anything I want to do on a laptop.

  6. Alexander Profitt

    I love laptop very nice

  7. Stress Relief Music

    Thanks for info, much love, Always support,

  8. Reginald Clemmons

    Are hp pavilion sleekbook 15-bo12nr the same as this one

  9. Can I add 16 gb of ram ? Im hoping you say yes.

  10. Bogdan Gonciu

    You get this score because you don`t have installed any amd driver!!! I don`t see amd video driver at all. amd overdrive i thing is not installed and amd apu driver. If install this on your laptop you can play allmost recent game to a medium settings. So before you make a review make sure you have installed all driver on computer. If you compare this processor to a atom processor which is a tablet processor is not fair play. And verry important for apu processor you need 8GB of ram at 2400 HZ for a good video card performance not 4!!

  11. thanks

  12. The bad think it doesn't have a built in Bluetooth

  13. Zachary Schwanke

    can i upgrade this to 16gb ram? and a ssd and install linux mint 18 on it?

  14. Laney Lightell

    I need a power cord. Unable to fine one.

  15. I'm getting this, but it has an A9 processor, it goes from 2.4 Ghz to 3.5, 8 gigs of DDR4 ram, 1TB hard drive and R5 graphics. 🙂

  16. sunil sujakhu

    how to boot from usb in hp sleekbook it shows some kinda dialogue box for selecting boot drive then i select the primary drive but it doesnt detect the drive

  17. Mario Torres

    hi lisa I was wondering if you can do a review on the hp star wars special edition laptop please,I've looked around other reviews, and none come close to the true depth you review laptops with

  18. D. Installer

    what about grabbing the sleeve and slap your head this might get you a better hair style 🙂

  19. teetsmcgeets14

    I have had this laptop for 2 years now, its actually pretty good for downloading, videos, social media, homework. Its pretty fast. Never had problems, just make sure to clean it every now and then. Only downside is battery

  20. Guys…. go check out the Dell Inspiron 13 7000 series!!!!! Its amazinggg!!!

  21. I need one screen for my HP-pavilion 15-b142dx

  22. Andy Laverne

    dont buy this after about 18 months it has a hardware problem when it cant boot up. never buy from hp once ur warranty expires ur on ur own.

  23. WakeTheDead300

    Would this be good for web surfing and typing? Pretty much a strictly student laptop?

  24. Michael Curry

    Can I use iTunes with having McAfee antivirus in this laptop

  25. hi have 1 of this and hard drive shows 55.5 gb. what does this mean

  26. Ishmam Chowdhury

    I'm thinking about buying this laptop the specs on mine will be: AMD A10-4655M processor (2 GHz, 4 MB cache), 8 GB DDR3 RAM, Radeon HD 7620G Graphics (2 GB DDR3). Will these specs be able to handle higher end games such as Guild wars 2? 

    Also i'm worried about reliability.. i had a hp pavillion laptop before and it broke down 3 times.. Anyone who has had this laptop for 6+ months, can you tell me if your laptop still runs smoothly? and what are the issues if any you've noticed.

  27. Hey does it have a CD or disk insert?

  28. This laptop is ass. If you're going to get a laptop go look somewhere. I've owned this for 1 year and I can say that the washed out screen, constant lag past 3 tabs opened, and the inability to play any 'real' games is sad. Also, this thing gets hot – really hot. The keyboard is alright, I guess. But remember it gets hot and that keyboard gets really hot. The trackpad feels cheap as hell. The clickers are hard as hell and they click – LOUD. I was sitting in my lecture class and the professor began asking what that clicking was. Also, the glossy finish sucks; makes this laptop look cheaper and cheaper day by day. Don't get it. Please!!! Save yourself the hassle. If you still want to buy it message me and I'll sell you mine for $200 – that's 50% off basically.

  29. Vicky digger

    Is it REALY slow?

  30. Vicky digger

    Can I play games on it with out lag

  31. Vicky digger

    Can I play mine craft on it ?

  32. Julian Wheeler

    Does anyone know if I can plat Rust / Roblox at a decent speed with this? I already ordered it, but I want to know so I can decide to return it or not.

  33. brooke mccal

    I was thinking of getting the HP Pavilion 15-n268sa
    would i be able to run games smoothly with:
    processor: AMD A10-5745M GPU (2.1 GHz, 4 MB cache)
    Storage: 1 TB HDD, 5400 rpm
    Ram: 8 GB DDR3 (8 GB maximum installable RAM)
    Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 8610G / 8670M Dual GPU

  34. The one I am getting is an A8 2.40ghz quad core.

  35. Dennis Cheruiyot

    hp 15-d008se lokks exactly like this but pack a punch if you game  

  36. Pedro Sanchez

    Can I play Minecraft good?

  37. I see references to "turbo core" for this computer (which I own). BUT I cannot figure out how to enable this feature or to verify that it has the capability. Can anyone advise how this works?

  38. Can I connect to bluetooth device with this sleekbook? Just got one and trying to set it up, i am using windows 8, so confusing! also, do I have to purchase microsoft office suite? Its just so basic compared to my Dell inspiron intel

  39. i use to be idiot buying high end laptop 1000 bucks or more while i only use it for watching and downloading movies i garbed this one for 450$ and its pretty much doing what i need .

  40. trancelistic

    I got the laptop and its quite fast.
    Leugue of legends play fine on medium quality but shadows must be off.
    Fruityloops runs very good on it.
    legend of grimrock  is 50 fps on medium quality.
    The biggest problem is, where is my scroll on the mousepad!!! What where they  thinking!!!!

  41. Federico Fossa

    can anyone tell me if this model has problems with the hinges? thanks

  42. lucas hilling

    Can you put a USB in and make modded files?

  43. EnglishMikey

    You remind me of Leslie Winkle from The Big Bang Theory.

  44. I get 2.1 GHz speed from an AMD A6-4455 APU AND it was cheaper!!! btw i got it at best buy. 

  45. I've got the Pavilion 15-b119w version with same specs. Not to bad of a sleek book for the price. This HP plays Diablo 3, Torch light 2 etc. Not bad for 300 bucks . Just tweak the OS for performance and uninstall all the crap ware.

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