HP Pavilion 17 Gaming Laptop Unboxing Video Review

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Here’s my HP Pavilion 17 Gaming Laptop Unboxing Video Review


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Just got my Brand New HP Pavilion 17 Gaming Laptop yesterday and it is AWESOME!!! This will be my new gaming computer that I do everything on. Minecraft, GTA 4, Skyrim, DAYZ, Garry’s Mod, and much much more.

17.3″ Screen
750GB Hard Drive
AMD A8 Quad Core Processor
1.9GHz Processor Speed
6 Cell Lithium Ion Battery
AMD Radeon HD 7640G discrete class
Windows 8.1 OS


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  1. I am getting that one too yass in the next week soo excited my ither hp laptop broke soo yaa

  2. My mom got a computer with 6gb of memory and it was way cheaper than this

  3. I just got this with the same specs but 8gb ram and I run fallout 4. all of you losers hating on it probably don't even have a pc lol.

  4. I have a question does this laptop have good quality for online games like Garry's mod ect.. Because on my old laptop I can't play any online game so plz reply if this is a good laptop that is good for these types of games 👍 means a lot

  5. Nice vedio bro but please can you help me ?? i am shop hp pavilion 17 like you i open laptob but the pc say ( you need a code ) i don`t know how to i can get that code please help me bro i need this code to entre

  6. Finally!!! I have found a guy with HP Pavillion Gaming who plays minecraft. Can you give me a quick review of minecraft online? I am gonna get Nvida Gefore with i5 (not sure if you have i5 or i7). I am going to play Hypixel Skywars, maybe Mega Skywars because Mega Skywars can lag crazy.

  7. Just so you guys know, I don't even use this Laptop to play video games anymore. I only use it for college, and when I am on the go. I have an actual gaming Desktop now, and if you'd like to know what i have for some reason, just ask me. I understand that you people in 2016 don't consider this laptop a "gaming laptop", but believe it or not, 2 years ago, when I made this video, It was considered a gaming laptop. To be honest, now its a pretty decent minecraft, Dota 2, CS:GO, Team Fortress 2, or any Valve/Free to Play game you can find on Steam, Playing laptop. So… sorry I even made this video, I'd never thought i would get this many views, but thanks for them all… Even though now it's not really as cool as it was back, only 2 years ago. Lol, Thanks y'all.

  8. Hey awesome video! So I just bought this one today, and I was wondering if games like: Battlefield Hardline, Left 4 Dead 2, and League can be played?

  9. never become a salesman because you will definitely lose all of your customers with that introduction hmm hey guys get a better introduction for your damn reviews

  10. boooooooo you suck my baby can give a better review of that window then you and he is just 4

  11. Dude 4 GB Ram? There are Laptops that have 8,12,16,32 GB of Ram that's not a beast

  12. i have that laptop got mad punched the screen lasted 3 mounth later fries the motherbored  YIDFA>S

  13. The specs sucks… 4gb ram? Like game behind 2012 can it run but not higher and 1.9GHz is like half my phone… My phone have 1.9GHz but with a 2.7GHz boost that I allways use… Its a intergrated graphic card and they dont work good as u will only get around 30FPS from any game while if u bought HP Pavilion 17-f019no u would get 12gb ram and AMD Radeon R7 M260 2gb graphic card…

  14. ok lemme say some stuff i got this laptop for christmas and its not a gaming laptop yes i use it for gaming and it runs things like garrysmod and counter strike and stuff like that fine but its not a gaming laptop aso no it can not play gta 5 at low settings if you want a laptop like that i suggest buying a laptop like the HP pvillion 17 and then upgrading it…ALOT but if you dont wanna upgrade it then buy something like the razer blade even though that costs about twice the amount anyway… my point is that THIS IS NOT A GAMING LAPTOP but it can be used for low end gaming if you want

  15. +ValanceGamingHD
    How much is this laptop? I'm looking to buy a laptop to play games, but I have a budget of $400 – $650.

  16. Will it run gta 5 PC having trouble on my pavilion HP a lot of lag it won't load all the way but it will play