HP Pavilion dv6t Quad Select Edition Review: The new core i7 laptop with the i7 Quad core processor

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Just to be clear: This is a review of the dv6tqe……. but the name and details got a little confusing. The model in the video came out in early 2011, but then it was …

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  1. Hey there. This version was only out for a few months. Then it got recalled and replaced with something extremely similar, but not exactly the same.

  2. Micheal my laptop looks similar to yours i just don't have a touch screen and i dont have a sandy bridge processor
    i have a hp pavilion dv6-3078tx late 2010
    i7-720qm (first gen)
    ati mobility radeon hd 5650
    8gb ddr3 ram
    640gb 5400 rpm hdd
    Can i get the same motherboard as yours?
    my ports are the same as yours
    whats your motherboard model?
    i have a 1448

  3. does the touch screen come with the Hp ENVY dv6t quad select edition

  4. i have the exact same laptop but i'm wondering why mine doesnt have the red sticker underneath the cor i7 sticker and beside the windows 7 sticker.
    My specifications
    6GB ram
    750 GB hard disk
    Core i7
    beats audio

  5. I woulden't like the touch screen only becuase I would not want fingerprints on my screen,

  6. btw not trying to be annoying but on the hp website you can customize this and get a backlit keyboard for like 25 dollars i believe.

  7. dear plz tell me is there switchable graphics option in ur laptop.because i have same laptop but can not install intel hd 3000 drivers..plz reply.

  8. also… mine isn't touchscreen yet it has a back light on the keyboard

  9. I have this exact notebook PC… it runs hot…. very hot…. and getting into the fan to clean it is painstakingly difficult… i dont trust myself not to damage anything… any thoughts on what i should do?

  10. Is this the one with Beats Audio, cause I saw one at Costco like this with Beats, i7 and 8gb memory

  11. the hp pavilion dv6t quad seems to be nice notebook. is it only available in USA? I did some research but couldn't find any german online shop which sells it.

  12. @ShadowPunk217 no disrespect. I know @mikaelra clarified this. But how did you not see him touch the screen and pull the photos up? How is that off base?

  13. ANy idea if this dv6t Quad would be available on HP's website for one to customize and buy in June 2012?

  14. @ShadowPunk217 I believe the model was labeled dv6z. I read some reviews because I doubted it myself. Apparently it was only available for a short time.

  15. i have the same laptop, actually dv7t quad edition and it is not a touchscreen!!! an example of a "touchscreen" is a android and iphone where you can control the phone with a touch or a desktop monitor…i have never seen a touchscreen laptop before so i think u are way off there dude lol