HP Pavilion x360 14 LTE Review

Lisa Gade reviews the affordable HP Pavilion x360 14” with Intel 10th gen CPUs and optional 4G. The convertible laptop starts at $529, but has the specs and build of a more expensive Ultrabook. Thanks to our video’s sponsor, iFixit. Visit them here to check out their toolkits: https://ifix.gd/mobiletechreview . The Pavilion x360 is available with HD and full HD displays supporting touch and HP’s active pen (N-Trig / MPP 2.0). It has 2 RAM slots, an M.2 NVMe SSD, an MS Precision trackpad and is available in our silver or Forest Teal colors.
** Get it on HP.com: https://tidd.ly/3hBJYbG

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  1. There's that witch again. Can't you people get someone with a pleasing personality to do the reviews? The face of that old woman really scares me!

  2. I cant stop looking at the lobster

    Great video auto subbed

  3. Is it better than the Lenovo Yoga C740?

  4. CollegeMathematics

    I bought this laptop 5 months ago with i7 1050u, 16gb ram, 512 gb ssd with $1050 including the pen. It tend to get heated when i use the white board with google meet and couple of pages but it manageable. I run it on power saving mood and thing are pretty good. I even record a lectures on it and edit it with windows built n video editor and it's doing a good job so far.

  5. Nishtha Patel

    Wow Mam. 844k subscribers. 👍👏👏👏👏👏👏My favourite channel is Mobile tech review ): That's you

  6. Rich J. Birdsall -Prophetic Rich-

    Ty Lisa for the Review ✅


    The brightness is bad for outdoor usage but for the price and other stuff packed in this laptop, it's worth the buy 😎.
    Nice review as usual Lisa 🙌

  8. I got mine in september. I honestly love it soo much. It's perfect for online classes and for light games and entertainmaint. And my processor isn't loud at all so if you need a good and affordable laptop this one is deffo a good option ❤💻

  9. anonymous girl

    Is battery life good ?! … and is this better or the yoga c740

  10. Amazing. So professional! Her content speaks for itself- no need for fancy intros; this review is worth its weight in gold. Or silicon. Subbed

  11. Awesome review! I really like the fact you opened it up to expose it's guts for us. I hate getting a laptop that is severely limited. Thanks!

  12. I have this laptop, I was about to do my resume when it says for microsoft office I have to buy it, I thought it was already install in it.. , I can't use word or powerpoint either. this sucks, I shouldn't had bought it, I regret it so much.

  13. Akshay Balakrishna

    Hi! Could you give us the exact model number please?

  14. Autocad possible?????

  15. aditya sharma

    Purchased one laptop HP Ce3065tu.It has a problem in fan.But HP claims that it comes like that only from manufacturing.Problem is at running a burdensome task,as soon as fan starts and attains speed,a whistling faint jet type of noise is there.I had been with dell till now.With HP current purchase i realise that these brands are now history in terms of good products.HP executive himself accepting the fact that now products are designed with inferior quality to cut costs.He cited same example of my laptop model saying that fan is now made smaller which increase rpm leading to sound.My just 2 months back purchased model was Dell Vostro 3590 which i returned back to Dell facing heavy loss of INR 9000 as restocking charges.Firstly i did not like in this laptop was again the fan.It used to blow a lot giving noise.Not only this the company in dell sales catalog mentioned in specs for display as "full hd resolution with backlit" having no mention of word which type of display it is.On getting laptop,it had severe bad viewing angles along with high fan noise.Maam i have a question to you .Is it that good laptops for programming cost only $2000 above ? I have an inhibition that the model with you too is plagued with same issue.To reproduce.(1) Download geekbench 5 for windows. (2) Install and run on your laptop doing any one of provided test.(3) As you see around 50% completion,bring ear closer to air outlet.(4) Listen to a sound that is whistling,like jet and badly irritating.

  16. Is there any problem with battery? My friend have i3 10th gen x360, and its not last long, like 2-3 hour

  17. The Reason why you cant upgrade the RAM, is i think because the i5 1031g doesn't support dual channel

  18. Maths With Rizwan Sir

    Hp pavilion x360 with 1TB & 220 SSD GB
    Which one is best

  19. aditya sharma

    It looks like foldable. Not keen. Like simple design :(. Just because it has a sim slot doesnot make sense to buy.

  20. At 3:10 you are telling it supports MPP2.0 however it's not the case.The device doesn't have MPP 2.0 support.I searched online before buying but MPP 2.0 functionality like tilt is not working

  21. is this different from Envy x360 ?

  22. danish mushtaq

    That is called full review.

  23. This is Intel but still they don‘t include Thunderbolt? Whack. But good laptop otherwise.

  24. Paco Edpalina

    Will it handle 2 x 16 Gigs RAM?

  25. Want one really bad even tho I never leave the house and have a pc xD

  26. link on where to purchase the HP Rechargeable MPP 2.0 Tilt pen, I cant seem to find it online (I need it for my 2020 Envy x360) Thank you for any leads

  27. What is best? The Envy x360 or Pavilion x360?

  28. King Gervais Appiah

    May i know what model this is please, im looking for the 14-dw0520sa model

  29. Kandarp Dhimar

    What is model name which comes with i3 processor in pavilion x360 with lte??

  30. Konstantin Lobanov

    This laptop has such PWM that we actually can see in on the video! It is the absolutely garbage by HP!

  31. Bobby Roberts

    How is the screen quality, Lisa ? The notebook check reviews and notices its Pwm issue which can cause eye strain with less than 90% brightness.

  32. Thanks for the great review. The upgradability makes this laptop more far more interesting to me than HP’s more expensive offerings.

  33. I am very disappointed and disgusted with the site you gave on where to get the laptop, it asked for my location and immediately I keyed in Africa the only information I could get was learn how to do things and message on covid and a message from the CEO that is very disturbing that its 2020 and that people still think that people for Africa can't afford thing.

  34. which pen is shown here using 3:02?
    how's it's performance

  35. Rebecca Arambula

    How is this video 2 weeks old and this laptop is already out of stock on Hp website? 💔

  36. Strange thing is everyone is talking about her and not the laptop. Paid actors?

  37. Ismi Hafsari

    Never liked HPs outer case. Not the machine but the case they built on. Jts just does not scream "hey I am very powerful." Its not bland but just boring.

  38. Рэп Семблер

    Спасибо за обзор!

  39. I use the last years variant with touch and pen screen, fingerprint sensor and dedicated graphics. It‘s a nice machine with decent sound and good battery life in normal use. I hate the high battery drain while turned off, the slow CPU, the 2016 iPad Pro runs circles around it when it comes to video rendering. Stay away from the HD version, it‘s utterly pointless to buy it, the quality of the panel is horrible.

  40. The lobster looks like he's having a blast

  41. Frederique Hoarau

    Watch this from Reunion Island (France), I enjoy your videos !

  42. julian mauricio gonzalez valencia

    Porque sera que en vez de pasar el producto todo el tiempo para verlo en funcionamiento se la pasan más de la mitad del vídeo pasandole la cara a a la señora como si se tratara sobre la vida de ella.

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