HP ProBook 450 G5 Review (15.6" Laptop 2018)

A review of the HP ProBook 450 G5 15.6″ Affordable Business Laptop.

HP have a ProBook series of small business affordable laptops with screen sizes ranging from 13”, 14”, 15.6” and the 17”. Does the 15.6” ProBook 450 G5 with the Intel 8th gen processor, have enough to beat off competition from the likes of the Lenovo E580 and the Dell Latitude 3590? Let’s find out.

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Review model SKU : 3KY20ET#ABU £495 ex. VAT (£594.00p inc. VAT)

HP ProBook 450 G5 15.6″ Affordable Business Laptop Review

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  1. Can this take nvme?

  2. VasyaTheSlav

    Just saying that what he said about the keyboard is true i have 450 G5 for around a year now and was using this laptop like a laptop was supposed to be used and the keys were jumping out one by one first the W then the Z and for some reason the arrow keys i'd say only downside i've really found in this laptop is the keyboard. it's weak.

  3. Sanjibonny Buragohain

    We Indians don't watch review untill and unless you start with a kitchen knife in one hand while saying ' Hello Dosto '

  4. Thomas Resney

    Hi my dad has a computer but he never lets me download games on it and so i was doing research for a laptop and i came across your review and i watched it and i was wondering if you could recemended this laptop for a little bit of gaming but nothing like fortnite or call of duty.

  5. Daniel Cortéz

    Can i download fl studio on this laptop?

  6. Will it run adobe Priemer pro?

  7. i want asking again if my 450 doesnt have backlight version can i replace the keyboard to backlight version ?

  8. hey can you help me my 450 its doesnt have backlight but its not flexing like your 450 keyboard,are my 450 has a backlight ? but it cant turn on or what?

  9. ArthixIsphinx Roblox

    I have this laptop I play on it it is OP

  10. Nerotso Nero

    Too bulky

  11. hello face recognition dont work but other biometric are okay . why ?

  12. Ali Hammad Raza

    4:39 less viewing angles than the prison cell in alcatraz :s
    That went dark really quick 🙂

  13. Concetta Feriola


  14. Im currently taking up System Administration as my elective track in school,, planning to buy a laptop..can you recommend this hp 450?

  15. GreaserCentral

    love mine! battery charges very fast and it's easy to use, it looks very nice

  16. abu ali tube

    Hp probook 450g5
    Core i7 8550U
    Ram 8 g
    Ssd. M2 240g
    Vga nVidia 930 mx
    Hd 1Tb

    835$ in Palestine-gaza strip

  17. I bought the 17" 470 G5 and am very pleased with it except that is doesn't have an optical drive.

  18. Thanks

  19. alamin rohan

    whre is cd

  20. White Simurgh

    Why display is always bad with these devices

  21. Ather Siddiqui

    Nice review.

  22. I am useing this laptop

  23. Shaik Athahar

    How to trun on keyboard back light in 450 G6 i7…?

  24. DilMeet Singh

    Please add alternatives in the summary as well

  25. Sadab Hossain

    is it comes with external dvd writer?

  26. I got that laptop yesterday… ITS BEST LAPTOP I EVER HAD

  27. Plamen Uzunov

    is it flexible components? how much durable is this laptop?

  28. Please, review Lenovo ThinkPad T590, which looks best for my purposes.

  29. Valentina Abril Repetto

    Is it good for desing and animation?

  30. Hoàng Đạt Ngô

    which one is better: hp probook 450 g5 and lenovo thinkpad e580?

  31. Rahul Biswas

    how i can turn on keyboard light in hp probook 450 G5.plz help me some one

  32. Hoàng Đạt Ngô

    is this good for programming?

  33. Mohamed Ahmed

    can i but external video card to this version of laptop with nevidia 930 mx

  34. Mohamed Ahmed

    please can i change the video card nevidia 930 mx or i must buy new laptop

  35. Rifat Hasnat

    How can install app without dvd drive this laptop

  36. Mahendra Pawar

    Is this touch

  37. Bipratip Rudra

    Which one is best between hp probook and hp pavillion?

  38. Can this run autocad without lag???

  39. Does it have dedicated graphics?

  40. HangingWithDan

    I'm using this laptop. It's the best purchase I got from the microcenter in a long time! Thanks for the great review! 256gb ssd M2. & 1TB ssd + 16gb ram.

  41. How about the heat management in this 930 mx VGA version. Can anyone help with the info please ?

  42. The real question is cAn I pLaY SiMs??

  43. It's my laptops

  44. Barasa Mulati

    Very good review. Well done!

  45. Shuvojit Roy


  46. Daniela Igbomor

    Very good review

  47. Great review , thanks for the info.

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