HP ProBook x360 440 G1 Review (14" Convertible Laptop)

A review of the HP ProBook x360 440 G1 14″ Convertible Business Laptop.

As we start 2019 in earnest, HP has been busily adding convertibles from the Spectre x360 to the ZBook Studio x360 I last reviewed. To attract the mainstream pros and small businesses with tighter pockets, the ProBook x360 440 G1 was designed for this group.

On paper it has all the hallmarks of a great convertible; performance, versatility, security and multimedia features wrapped around an affordable price. Let’s find out if it ticks all these boxes.

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Review model UK SKU:
SKU: 4LT43ET £662 + VAT (£794.40p)
SKU: 4KL69AA £48 + VAT (£57.60p) HP Active Pen with App Launch
SKU: 3FF69AA £159 + VAT (£190.80p) HP USB-C Dock G4

HP ProBook x360 440 G1 14″ Convertible Business Laptop Review

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  1. I had this laptop for a while, heres my honest review.

    do. not. buy. this.
    this is one of the worst laptops ive seen (price-value ratio), you can just buy an asus for 1/4-th of its price and yet its still better.
    it is horrible for office working, gaming, video editing, just everything in general. the screen can get damaged very easily, and the battery time gets horrible after 4-5 months of usage.

  2. What is the largest capacity M.2 NVME drive that I can install on this model.
    Everything I have read says 512gb. I'd like to install a 1TB ssd but unsure if it will work.
    Crucial's website suggests that you can install an MX500 1TB but the drive installed is an SN520 2280.
    Confused is an understatement.
    Anyone able to shed some light on this for me?

  3. Jaspreet Kaur

    Is it good for people who use autocad, photoshop and all softwares

  4. Fifa is playable or not?

  5. Abhishek Dutt

    Well great review, but its true that you can't play games in it. Although mine one has got a NVIDIA 130MX, but still the fans starts as soon as the game is started and the whole body heats up in no time

  6. Seems like a good product, but is good enough for video editing with programs like Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve?

  7. HunGerMovies

    Is there some other HP product with similar specs but with a less shiny screen?

  8. mnqweno nonqane

    Can you use a different stylus on it?

  9. Iqbal mahmud

    Can i upgrade from 256 to 512?

  10. Mohammad Rayhan Hosain

    I am now owning one. I do not have pen. Can you suggest me a good pen which is good for this device? Currently I have kept the brightness of the screen at 77. Is it too much? What might be the best brightness for this laptop?


    I just broke my screen and can't find any in my location. Please what's the name of the screen if I want order online

  12. Backlight available or Not

  13. drippy like water

    does this computer have face ID?

  14. Mohammad Rayhan Hosain

    Which is better? Pavilion x360 or probook x360…

  15. Mohammad Rayhan Hosain

    Is it possible to add graphics card?

  16. königs blau

    Is it good enough for sims 4 ?

  17. is it good for web developer ?

  18. Cresencio Valdez

    Does it have a light up keayboard if so how do U turn it on

  19. is it good for beginner use of photoshop lightroom and microsoft office? will it manage to preform well considering it has 4GB RAM

  20. mohammad faizan

    Is this laptop good for architects?

  21. 14" screen on a 15.6" body ?

  22. Hey dude I like ask if the HP x360 GI EE comes with a 15ince sreen

  23. I tried to open the service hatch, but somehow the panel just flexes around the screw and stays closed. Is there a special trick to get it open? Nice and informative video by the way

  24. RM Gaming Pro

    Price ???

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