HP Reverb G2 Is HERE

The HP Reverb G2 is finally shipping out to those who initially pre-ordered the headset. The HP Reverb G2 is a PC VR Windows Mixed Reality headset which boasts the highest resolution display available on the market with a price of $599 / £639. I put the Reverb G2 through it’s paces in this video review…

00:00 – Intro
01:15 – HP Reverb G2 Unboxing
02:15 – HP Reverb G2 Setup & Minimum Specs
04:53 – HP Reverb G2 Display
06:38 – HP Reverb G2 Comfort
08:05 – HP Reverb G2 Audio
09:36 – HP Reverb G2 Controllers
11:05 – HP Reverb G2 Tracking
12:24 – HP Reverb G2 Conclusion
14:19 – Final Thoughts

Check out Tyriel Wood’s HP Reverb G2 through the lenses video here;

You can order the HP Reverb G2 WMR headset in US here;

You can order the HP Reverb G2 WMR headset in the UK and Europe here;

Check out the Nizn PKCell rechargable batteries here (affiliate);
US – https://amzn.to/35fmSVf
UK – https://amzn.to/3le7M7H

Thanks to HP for providing the HP Reverb G2 hardware for this video. Let me know what you think of the HP Reverb G2 in the comments below and feel free to ask any questions you have about this headset.

Thanks for watching []-)

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  1. Virtual Reality Oasis

    To clarify a couple of points;

    I’ve since found out that HP changed the design and the headset cannot be powered by USB C alone regardless of your computers power delivery.

    Some have pointed out my green screen area may be the cause of the tracking issues but I had my back to the wall and this isn’t a problem with other headsets.

    I stand by my comment about the FOV. It might be bigger on paper but in my side by side testing, Q2 using a VR Cover set brings the lenses closer to my eyes which results in slightly wider FOV. Let’s hope VR Cover make some kits for the G2 in the future []-)

  2. It's such a shame that the controllers and tracking are so bad compared to the headset. I really hope they figure something out and comes out with a better version of the controllers at a later date. I'm holding off my purchase until then

  3. Am I able to get different controllers or I’m I stuck with these?

  4. Joseph Kennedy

    I use HP monitors and let me tell you they have very clear picture quality. I upgraded from an HP Omen to two 25x HP monitors and went from HDMI to DVI and the picture quality is actually so accurate I kind of prefer it when I used HDMI but that will not work for my multiple monitors set up. I wonder If the VR headset is similar, not that I don't think HP makes some good products but I'm just saying cause my monitors are way bright so much so with such accuracy I kind of wish it wasn't so crystal clear.

  5. Bogdan Coltuc

    Can i run HP Reverb G2 on my 1650 super?

  6. Paola Animator

    Currently in April 2021, and even though Oculus Quest 2 is very popular in the VR market, I feel like the $300 to $400 price is not worth it using a Facebook account. I think it is much better to save up more and invest in HP Reverb G2. I am a new VR user so I'll have to see how tracking works out for me. I am very excited for the great visuals and audio! 😀

  7. Preston Russell

    Damm it. Give me the quest 2 wireless and controllers, with this headset and the index tracking… and id pay that $1000+

  8. I’m not gonna lie but I love the design of the G2 but I do not like the controllers it would look so nice with the index controllers

  9. I’d rather get an HTC cosmos elite mostly cause you can connect them with the knuckles controllers.

  10. Thank you for the good review, I've been trying to decide. I can't flail my arms around too much so I likely won't be using VR controllers often. I think I might get the g2.

  11. Davey's Room

    With the index just impossible to get hold of I've just pulled the trigger on this.

  12. Can it do AR?

  13. I have a question about vr lens covers. I used to have a rift that ended up getting scratched up a bit from my glasses so I stopped wearing them with it. Now I have a g2 ordered and I am wondering what kind of covers you would recommend for it? I wonder if some of those clear anti scratch watch covers would work well on it? Or would it be better to spend a bit more for some magnetic covers from VRwave?

  14. I wouldn't touch the Oculus with a 39½' pole. Of course, I'm one of those weirdos who's never had a Facebook account (except a couple abortive times—I created an account, never felt enticed to log in, then made sure to actually delete). Plus, I'm more interested in non-game open-source VR development anyway, so absolutely any degree of locking-down of hardware makes the proposition actively the opposite of everything I'd ever want it for.

  15. You are one rich man, if I could even get a quest 2 I would be thrilled but cant afford that.

  16. Mavrickindigo

    Bmr drivers?

  17. Erick Rosales

    what vr would you recommend to buy 100%?

  18. I just got the Reverb G2. Its plastic with 2 toilet paper rolls and good headphones. I wouldn't call it a vr headset. I actually am not being payed by hp like this guy has to be.

  19. Firememes 011

    its funny how my laptop model is called G3

  20. mastodonseven

    Not screened, as you are given talking points before making the video.

  21. owo グーチmoshi

    Sweet no need for fb account

  22. Mikki Hintikka

    3090 gang

  23. Which gpu would require for this?

  24. Controllers may suck, but I’m here for the resolution!

    As far as what’s available on the market now, the Rift S at $300 is a better option for simmers and those who like a comfortable headset compared to the Quest. At $300 the rift is a great value and you won’t need to upgrade computer hardware to use it. I’m all in on the G2 and it’s a nice upgrade from the Rift S, but I the Rift is a great first headset for those looking to get into VR simulation.

  25. A couple reviews I read stated the headphones weren’t adjustable, clearly they are adjustable. Thanks for another great review!

  26. Ok..but what about those of us who…watch 18+ content in VR? I obviously don't want the audio blarring out into my room for people to be like "oh, well I guess we know what he's watching". So there is no way to connect my own headphones?!

  27. sentient bonk

    I wish i could afford gaming equipment like computers and pc vr

  28. Does this headset need Windows 10 to run? I have Windows 7.

  29. What? Why is the headset more expensive for UK buyers? $599 is around £433 in today's exchange rate, but it's £639! Over £200 more!

    What gives?

  30. 2 Songs 1 Kvlt

    the fuck is Heytch P?

  31. So I waited until G2 to order because the first iteration was fraught with defects. Guess what ??? So is this one. I used it lightly for a month (yes) I purchased January 7, 2021. The display failed with multicolored red,yellow,and blue circles (about 16 groupings). After two days of a nightmare of tech support with HP I learned that not only did they not have spare parts to replace or repair the unit (said it could be MONTHS) but after grilling one of the small/medium business customer service specialists I learned that the G2 was fraught with as many and maybe more defects and in her words they had 'more returns for defect than they could handle at this point'. Don't buy it. I have owned many many VR headsets and this was the biggest disappointment of them all. Fantastic resolution in a very small sweet spot and then complete failure a month later with HP literally rolling over on their own product. BTW this was purchased directly from HP. I should also mention I have been high level IT for 30 years. Good news is they are claiming they are giving me a full refund. I will believe this when I see it.

  32. Just ordered my g2 and currently on the way to replace my unplayable rift s. This review made me feel better because I was mixed on the g2 but now I feel excited as hell. Love the review.

  33. Tracking and controllers are quite crap on this one :c

  34. generic name

    idk but to me the oculus quest 2 mic sounds the best, maybe cause its the first vr headset i've bought, but it just sounds much cleaner.

  35. TacticalBacon

    index = 1000$ basic res but best tracking.
    g2 reverb 599$ + knuckles 200$ + 2-1.0 light houses $300 + cheap 24$ dongle = 1124$ give or take so for 124$ more and i get astronomically better picture quality along with most reliable tracking and features ill take that any day i mean for god sake i can blow 124$ at Walmart on BS now if you could make it wireless i would throw my money at you

  36. Can you use the valve knuckles controllers with the Reverb G2?

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