HP Spectre x2 12 (a001ng) Notebook Review

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The M3 version of the Spectre x2 12 offers an LTE modem for 990$. Does the device offer good performance for the investment or does it throttle the SoC as in the M7 version.

The greatest weakness of the m7 sister model can be found in the m3 model as well: the run time is limited to a mere 6 hours in our practical Wi-Fi test. Thankfully, the test model offers an LTE modem, which opens up additional options for users.

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The performance of the m3 is a little under the expected level, as shown by the higher level of performance of the SoC in the Surface Pro 4. The m3 and m7 Spectre x2 12 models are two of the weakest convertibles available in this section (in terms of system performance and processing power). In a head-to-head comparison, the two models are very close and they trade strong points: the m7 takes a lead in the single core test and the faster LiteOn SSD of the m3 system offers more storage performance.

+ Power supply via USB Type-C
+ Robust, practical keyboard dock
+ Good typing quality
+ Backlit keyboard with speakers
+ Bright IPS touch panel
+ Rear real-sense camera
+ Good picture quality
+ Reliable microphone
+ Adjustable feet stand
+ Silent

– No workmanship flaws
– CPU performance slightly under expected level
– Weak performance despite a Core m3

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