HP Spectre x360 15 (2019) Review: Should You Go With OLED or Better Performance?

When it comes to convertible 15-inch laptops there aren’t many choices, but one of the more popular ones is HP’s Spectre x360. There is now a 4K OLED option for sale right now, but it has some trade-offs compared to the non-OLED 4K model like less powerful CPU and GPU. That’s a downer, but at the price now lets you get a really impressive laptop for not a lot of money. But has HP maybe become TOO fancy with these new gem-cut designs? Let’s find out.

See at HP: https://thrifter.com/szCa

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  1. Gregory Horne

    I bought the 2020 model of the HP Spectre X360 15-inch notebook (convertible) as an upgrade to my HP Spectre 13 bought in 2016. I have been impressed with the new design although I replaced the supplied 1 TB NVMe M.2 32 GB Optane with a Samsung 970 EVO NVMe M.2 SSD. Installing Artix Linux was straight forward; slowly documenting the post base installation and configuration during the next week. By the way, the 4K UHD AMOLED display is nothing short of amazing.

  2. Maybe I missed it; but, I didn’t see which display to go with.

  3. Calvin Tanner

    What movie app is being demonstrated in this tutorial presentation?

  4. Is it a huge difference between hp spectre 4K wled vs amoled?

  5. Reedith Graham

    Very frustrating that you have to choose between oled or power or lte why not everything ! It's very confusing

  6. OLED FTW.. save the weaker computer for when you need to be in "gamer" mode without distractions but every single other time oled looks so much better .. its not even close how much better.

  7. My PC 🙌

  8. Calvin Tanner

    What movie apps are free to download in the Microsoft Appstore as per this video demonstration?

  9. I wish i was watching this on– oh wait i am

  10. Calvin Tanner

    Does the HP Spectre X360 4K model come with any movie apps, or would I need to buy a blu ray player. ( Blu Ray player = Xbox One games )

  11. Saurav Misra

    Well, the main drawback for me using the 15.6" is the unavailibility of a cd/dvd rom. As many supported device driver CD s that i had became useless and i had to look for the driver softwares online

  12. Calvin Tanner

    How is this with Google Play Store apps, and accounts ?

  13. Can you please do a comparison video between the samsung galaxy book flex 15 and the HP spectre x360?

  14. Look its Robert Downey Junior

  15. There is a new model that barely anyone reviewed

  16. Robert Courtney

    i wouldnt go with OLED because of the battery life i would go with the 4k full HD instead

  17. Soad Ahmed Yeasin

    Please don't buy it I bought it It has a lots of problems……. I just bought it 6 months before now it is not working mouse touch pad problem , speaker problem , finally battery fully dead and also the power is not working

  18. Did anyone catch the bud picture lol

  19. hassan ashfaq

    Does it support 120hz refresh rate?

  20. Rozé Above It All

    I have absolutely no need for thinner bezels! Why is that a thing? If I want thin bezels I'll pick up my smartphone, but on my laptop I'd prefer the best possible Wi-Fi reception, and something that prevents accidental touches when in tablet mode. I think this design is stellar!

  21. MyMayberry16

    What are the specific specs for the other OLED laptop? He only showed one of them.

  22. is it good for gaming

  23. Pragyesh Singh

    When it would be available in India?

  24. Isaac Weaver

    You can have it all… what are you talking about? The 1659 max Q has an Amoled…

  25. Thanks for the lovely review. The comparison between varying specs of the same model is a superb concept – Kudos! Meanwhile, the one trade-off that I do wish would happen is switching out that not-so-relevant micro-SD card reader for a 4G LTE support option. However, I do acknowledge that the Windows support for this function is sub-par, especially given the observation that every other new update essentially kills the LTE support function. To be honest, though, that wouldn't be a deal breaker for me – I absolutely love the performance of the 45W H processor and the dedicated GPU.

  26. I liked it till the screen started to fade. Just a little over a year old and it started to brake down.

  27. I cannot understand for the life of me why people are so obsessed with form over function these days. What horrible thing does it do to you to have a little bit of a bezel if it means relatively better Wi-Fi? People whining about a bezel has gotten to the point of absolutely no substance and just beyond ridiculous.

  28. The Huge bezel was an immediate deal breaker for me. No thank you.

  29. Susanne Christiansen

    It could be great if it had a HDMI output or what's it's called.

  30. Nathaniel Allen

    The late 2019 update now has the option of 4K with the GTX 1650 and a higher core processor 😀

  31. I am typing this comment on a week old HP Spectre x360 15" with the OLED display and Nvidia MX250 I picked up over the holiday. I went with the better display route because it comes with Thunderbolt ports, so if I ever need the extra GPU power I can hook up to an external graphic card and go from there. Right now I can't afford a fancy external graphic card but I can still run it with an old cheap slower external card but with output to multiple external monitors, and run the laptop with 2 external monitors + 1 OLED, whiling running the faster of the two GPU (MX250 in my case) to do all the heavy lifting.

  32. Kumkum Chowdhury

    Can any body send me detail configuration of HP Spectre x360 15

  33. EXCELLENT review. Going for the performance option. Subscribed.

  34. laptops with the best typing feel, other laptops don't have that

  35. Jacqueline Villalobos

    Is this a good laptop for an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student? I have not used SolidWorks too much, but I also use MATLAB. But I don't use them too heavily, but may start using them medium-amount in the next two years. Right they are on offer at $1,100. I like it because I believe I could do both take notes and use Solidworks, and it seems to have good durability. But I would love to get your opinion, thank you!

  36. Abraham Gallegos

    I am trying to find a laptop that can use after effects w/o lagging when editing I won’t be gaming on it just for work! Does anyone have or know any laptops that are great for the program? 🤞 please lmk!


    Can I use Linux OS in this??

  38. Am I the only one who watches this guy's videos because of the "Stay tuned" in the beginning 😂😂

  39. Fearlesspie131

    Somebody please help me, is the the one with 6 cores more powerful than the one with 4 cores? Only for this laptop not in general

  40. Does HP's warranty cover any OLED screen burn? My last two Samsung phones including the one I am currently using has had screen burns. What concerns me is that HP is using Samsung's OLED screens but Samsung isn't using their own screens on any of their laptops.

  41. So which one has the hinge breakage problem?

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