HP Spectre x360 Review – Six Months Later

This is a review of the HP Spectre x360 with a fifth-generation Intel Broadwell i7 processor after using the ultrabook for about six months.


Intel Broadwell i7-5500U
Full HD 1080p IPS Display
Intel HD Graphics

Check out the written review here:


You can find the Spectre I just reviewed here:


And the new version with sixth generation Skylake processors here:



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  1. Jeremy Warman

    This laptop performs like a laptop with a good processor lnfo.help/HpSpectre?CW integrated graphics card, and spacious RAM. Look elsewhere if you’re a hardcore gamer or graphics designer, but for most people this will hit all the marks. Speakers are fine with reasonable loudness, but it's silly to review ultrabook speakers beyond that — you need headphones or external speakers for serious listening.

  2. Over heat

  3. kael'thas sunstrider

    there's a lot of touchscreen problems and etc on the internet. I'm worried. maybe I'll get the Asus ux330 or Lenovo yoga

  4. • zeasea •

    uhh… are USB 3 and USB 3.0 ports the same thing? I need to know and the Interwebs don't help much.

  5. • zeasea •

    uhh… are USB 3 and USB 3.0 ports the same thing? I need to know and the Interwebs don't help much.

  6. Andrea Mangano

    Mine gone to hp support after 3 months of life because of a hinge fault from factory.
    I noticed it sticks out about 2mm. I showed it to HP support and suggested me to send it to repair. Actually it's one month they have it and the support page was saying they would deliver it on 2nd December.
    Actually it results still on repair.
    Very unhappy with quality control and support which is gave just on phone in foreign country with people who talks not very good my language.
    Actually the phone support for Italy is from Belgrad. Repair centre is in Hungary…..

  7. I have so many disagreements with this video. I appreciate the long term review, but my laptop has not held up nearly as well!

  8. hi there nice review can i use adobe photoshop?
    and what about active stylus pen is work on it.

  9. shane fields

    would you recommend for video editing?

  10. hate my x360. 75 celcius under load. Whats the point of a laptop you can't touch.

  11. Thomas Fisher

    watching this on my new x360 with the 6th gen core i7. My wireless adapter has also gave me hell on wireless n based networks, but works flawlessly on AC. Ironically, sitting in this hotel room it cut out right at the point you started talking about wifi issues.

  12. Javier Ovalles

    This is the first channel I've seen that does something like this. By "this" I mean reviewing the laptop after half a year and I think it was pretty genius. I haven't checked to see if you made a video of the Spectre after a year but I think you should. It would be nice to see. And thanks for the comments down below, I'm happy that there were a couple of questions I had you already answered, especially dr who bom's question. Consider me subbed :3

  13. Is it good for someone studying computer science? ( programming)

  14. Manolo Godino

    Mine lasted 6 months my friend. The battery simply stop charging. And the wifi never worked, never. Only solution was installing antennae which it is not the best solutikon for a laptop

  15. Dhruv Jauhar

    Anyone know if the Dell Stylus still work after the Windows 10 update?

  16. CommonSenseFactor

    $1000 primitive gaming machine 🙂

  17. Alex Supremo

    I really like the idea of a 6-month review because it gives us a great idea of the laptop's longevity and long-term user experience. Thanks for making this video!

  18. Killer bee Hazimoto

    hp spectre x360 battery replacement

  19. Jean Herrman

    Thought it was a good design concept. After 6 months of light desk use and no tent mode etc.. the screen broke when opening it. Search online hp spectre 360 cracked screen to research the issue. Wish I had. HP wasted 6 hours of my time after sending the product in stonewalling me on the issue. They refused to repair. asking $425 to fix it, all I did was open it. BEWARE. I personally will never buy an HP product again. Go with the Dell XPS or surface pro these were my other options and I wish I had bought one of them instead. I wasted $1000 on the 256GB, i7 model.

  20. Logical Brogrammer

    I've had it for a little while as well and it's a great laptop. I can easily run 2 instances of chrome with multiple tabs open while using Visual Studio 2015 while using a secondary code writer, while playing music, while skyping.

    If you don't like the always on back light button there is a BIOS update that turns it off

  21. Simon Schofield

    Beware, build quality issues with the Spectre x360 are normal apparently.I purchased the 4109na version of this laptop because it has excellent specifications. Unfortunately, it started to emit a strange electrical sputtering sound from the keyboard over the CPU area. The sound was very faint, but noticeable in a quiet room. It's not the fan because it's constant from the start even when the machine is cold. I sent it back to HP twice to fix the issue and they sent it back to me stating it is normal and within specification – in other words, it makes a faint, but constant noise as normal. I wasn't happy because I know that solid state devices (excluding the fan) do not make any noise at all. HP refused to refund the product because I had owned it for 6 weeks longer than the prescribed one month return period. They refused to change any of the components either to see if that might have made a difference and told me there was nothing they could do.I asked HP to confirm if it was normal for HP products to make strange electrical noises as part of their specification, but they refused to comment on this. The (outsourced) repairer however, did confirm that it makes a faint noise and compared it to another machine of the same specification confirming that the noise was the same indicating that this is normal.To put into context, imagine if your iPad or MacBook Pro made faint, but constant electrical sputtering noises from the CPU area. You would automatically think that your machine was defective. The Apple build quality is very high and this would never be acceptable. HP are essentially saying this noise is acceptable.Nice specifications, nice-looking machine, but beware of the build quality. HP have never really had a great reputation for build quality and I suppose this proves it. I naively thought they might have improved over the years, but I was wrong. Do your research first. I'm now stuck with this machine and HP have dug their heals in by refusing to acknowledge they might have build quality issues. They continue to quote 'it is within specification'.

  22. Joshua Guevara

    How is it now 8-10ish months later with respect to thermal management? How loud and hot does it get for slightly intensive applications?

  23. I love it.  It's awesome.  8GB , i7 , 512 . Burns my fingers when I launch a browser !

  24. Another Car Guy

    I purchased the ash gray model with the same specs as this one in the video, except for I have the qhd version, almost 3 months ago and I have really enjoyed it. At first there were a few driver issues with windows 10 and the display driver crashing constantly but I don't have that issue. I got this instead of a surface pro 4 because I wanted something that still functioned as a laptop but game me the flexibility of using it as a tablet if I want. It works great for school and entertainment consumption. It also has enough power to run some older titles like COD WaW and some newer but lighter games. I though I would not like the trackpad but I have had no issues with it and actually like the size. Keyboard is great although I wish it turned on automatically in low light but that's not a deal breaker. I wish I would have sprung for the 512gb version for the extra ssd speed but this isn't slow either. Overall I really recommend it if you want a versatile machine.

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