HP TouchSmart tm2 Tablet PC Overview Review – A Magical Mobile Miracle

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The tm2 is a 4.5 lbs powerhouse that has it all. Speed, beauty, functionality and is a multi-touch, pen enabled Tablet PC with capabilities that will be beyond far beyond the bulk of tablet devices coming out this year, including the iPad all for the price of a MBP 13.

Find out about true magic.

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Specifications of machine reviewed:

Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
• Intel(R)Core(TM)2 Duo SU9600 (1.60GHz, 800MHz FSB) w/512MB ATI Mobility Radeon(TM) HD 4550 Graphics
• 6GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)
• 250GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection
• 12.1″ diagonal WXGA High-Definition HP LED Widescreen (1280×800) with Integrated Touch-screen
• External Tray LightScribe Super Multi 8X DVD+/-RW w/Double Layer
• Webcam + Fingerprint Reader – For HP Mobile Broadband only (WWAN)
• Intel Wireless-N Card with Bluetooth
• HP Mobile Broadband (Choose either Verizon Wireless, AT&T, or Sprint, service activation required)

Approximately $1480 as configured when ordered on 02/01/2010

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  1. This device is a nightmare for iFans and Mactards.. Touchsmart TM2 is way to go for productivity.

  2. @stilldasayme This line has been refreshed with core i3 and i5 processors.

    check it out.

  3. @KuttyJoe

    Life must be shitty indeed for you to spend it trolling youtube videos. I regularly get 4.5+ hours of battery watching hd video, about 6 with normal browsing. 2-3 is just a bald faced lie. As l'm writing this with pen right now I know it works perfectly, better than the touch keyboard of other popular products.

  4. @XKS99 Not quite the most moronic thing I've ever heard, but pretty moronic still.

  5. @KuttyJoe

    Perhaps. Perhaps you are getting paid to badmouth the tm2. I just wachted four episodes of band of brothers i hd, and that at least proves you are a rotten liar.

  6. @XKS99
    You're getting paid to tell lies just like the guy in the video. I gain nothing by telling the truth. It's that simple. You profess you love for it as if that means anything at all other than you wish to defend something that you spent money on. LOL

  7. @KuttyJoe

    BULLSHIT!!!!! I love my tm2. battery live is 7 hours + touch and stylus works amazingly well. Stop lying about things you know nothing about!

  8. He's lying about absolutely everything. It's quite noisy. Does a lot of things, none of them well. The "hump" in the back is just the battery. Takes two attempts to switch from touch to stylus EVERY TIME. Battery life is maybe under 2 hours if I'm actually drawing. Which is always. Screen viewing angle is NON-EXISTENT. In Portrait view, viewing quality is diminished. When screen is flat down, viewing quality is again diminished. Stylus is dimestore quality. Lots more bad about this one

  9. SU9600 Processor? I wouldn't say magical. However, the switchable graphics is a pretty thoughtful and unusual feature for a tablet pc, or a laptop that size. But that ain't magical.

  10. Great review and it looks like an awesome machine. I will note one thing I disagree with you on. You mention a few times how light it is. I have the Motion M1400 and at only 3.5 pounds it gets heavy. For a minute or 2 holding this thing will be fine but holding it for prolonged periods (I read a lot on mine) it starts to become too heavy. Still I think when I upgrade this will be the model I'll get.

  11. @yeomanrycavalry i agree and everything, but this and the ipad are MEANT and ARE completely different machines

  12. im 13 and i rly want this right now i have a shitty acer -.- my friend itzel has the old version of this laptop and i really like it. would you recommend this for somebody who uses it everyday to go to myapsce facbook twitter youtube etc. and is it fast?

  13. you succeed in discussing a lot of more specific details of what specifically is great is its design. Many videos just say the same thing. I am very glad that I didn't buy a tx. I wish there was a making of video from hp where its designer talk about its making as apple does. I want to know what you think of it as an e book reader.

  14. @Dragoby

    With the unit in laptop mode it's at the top right of the screen, it's just a little notch, it's hard to see but you should be able to feel a little notch there.

  15. it says that there is a thumbprint security but i cant find where it is. Im probably just blind but could you tell me where it is?

  16. @heatlesssun i got it replaced and so far everything works fine. hump does not help still… trust me hp didnt make the hump by design they just had no choice.. i still think the processor is way to slow and the track bad is week. but unfortunately they are no other options unless you want to pay 2x the price

  17. This is no problem. However if you writing on the unit you will want to use an external mic as the internal one will pick up the noise from writing while you record.

  18. Are you able to take notes and record audio at the same time? If so, how is the quality of the audio?

  19. Before I begin, love the review.
    Question: how do you make a recovery disk? (or is one provided/needed?) I heard some people get an SSD and replace the hard drive…but does that sidestep the issue?

  20. Hey how is the webcam i am recieving this unit from a giveaway i won and i was wondering if the webcam was good

  21. You can always use an external USB burner.

    An optical drive just isn't something that most people need to carry with them 24×7 anymore these days.

    This is the era of flash drives, portable hard drives and online storage and services for most folks.