HP Veer 4G Review

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HP Veer 4G Review (AT&T) — In this video I review the HP Veer 4G. This is HP’s brand new webOS 2.1 smartphone that launched on AT&T today for a price …

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  1. this was such a perfect phone until i found out about the headphone jack

  2. no offense but HP should have chosen Android OS over webOS in this phone….insufficient applications esp when you're outside U.S. and not using AT&T….the App Catalog lacks applications, Bluetooth always having problems transferring files from other devices, ..if HP is going to continue this model in future years at least they should choose android to make every loyal customers happy.

  3. yes i have it and its like soooo cute a get a LOT of compliments cuz its sooo unique unlike the i phone

  4. thank you! i was looking all over for more information about the camera and the keyboard:)

    im with at&t- my 2 year plan is due in jan. i really need a new phone, and my friend said that i can get one within 2 months of the expiration date of my plan. is that true? is ordering on amazon a good idea? help! thanks

  5. I'm switching from my Optimus V (Virgin Mobile) back to my mom's plan soon and this phone looks awesome!

  6. @DiamondJenette13 It's a smartphone, meaning it has internet, but you'd have to pay a data plan. Basically, with feature phones, the data plan is optional, but with smartphones, the data plan is mandatory.

  7. im so confused, the review was great but all of your scentances sound like questions

  8. can i ask waht do you call the plastic bracelets that the rapper emceees wear? its not baller band cause its rubber and not ion band