HP X2 Review – Best 2-in-1 Laptop / Tablet for Students

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review hp


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  1. Truth Filter For YouTube

    No mention of light gaming?

  2. Océane Andreoli

    hi i am looking for a stylus for my hp pavilion x2 detachable and it is nowhere to be found. do you know where i could get the stylus for your video? thank you

  3. XxxproxxX XxproxX

    I buy this

  4. How much does it cost

  5. OurLittleVika

    what program did you use to draw/sketch for this laptop? I couldn't see what it was called. Thank you.

  6. Good afternoon I did an update on my hp x2 but after the update the touch screen no longer work

  7. Aliah Tambidan

    Can someone, tell me what's the charger of this one. I had this Hp x2 but my own charger was burned last year. And it really hard to find like my own. Please help me to find or where I can buy one original charger. I really need to use my laptop 🙁

  8. For 2020… This rekomended?

  9. This is THE student laptop. Also doubles as a tablet for entertainment, 4 cores so you can at least listen to music while you study, super cheap and fits very easily in any bag or backpack.

  10. Nicole Mitchell

    This is awsome I can't wait to get one💻👩‍💻

  11. Teodolinda Camera

    Is it compatible with active pen??

  12. Worth it in 2019? I want a tablet 2 in1 I can draw or play light games. Looking at thinkpad 260, surface go.

  13. I recommend getting the 4G/64G version, Windows updates can require factory reset to make enough room with the 32G flash version.

  14. Thanks for the review. What android OS would you recommend on a dual boot

  15. Is anybody using it with Linux?

  16. Helpful, really need a lightweight laptop .

  17. Empowered Women

    Does it come in a bigger size than 10 inch?

  18. I think it's ugly, but I do like the IO and convertible feature.

  19. Vashti Harris

    "say mermaid five time, don't speak until you repost this, then touch water."

  20. You look like an Irish gypsy…..

  21. Struttin & Glowin With A Purpose

    My keyboard and mouse stopped working, do you know how i can resolve that issue?

  22. I’ve had this laptop for a whole week and had no idea how to turn it into a laptop 😩😩 I feel so freaking slow 🤦🏽‍♀️ thank you!!!!

  23. what about finger prints

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