HP ZBook 14u G6 Review – World's Thinnest 14" Mobile Workstation

Lisa Gade reviews the 2019 HP ZBook 14u G6, a very compact 14” business and mobile workstation laptop with a CNC aluminum chassis. Squarespace.com is …

review hp


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  1. Dan Norman [ orgonomix ]

    It hasn't got a microSDcard slot. Why do you say it has?

  2. catalin catalin

    what can you do with these laptops that don't have extra storage space, whether we're talking hdd or ssd? you must always have extra storage space with you and I think it can be difficult to understand the option of hp engineers when designing these laptops.

  3. catalin catalin

    this laptop allows the installation of a 2.5 inch hdd.? thx!

  4. Great videos, thank you. Would you recommend this laptop for an ammeter youtuber? I use an HP zbook in my fulltime job and already have the docking station so wanted to stay within the model.

  5. Istrate Ioan

    can you make a review on the 7th generation

  6. nowew owkelw

    This laptop is boring.
    the build quality is unusually good.
    there is no screen flex or screen wobble.
    there is no keyboard flex.
    I mean NONE.
    The build quality on this is better than my macbook pro 16.

    best build quality i've seen in years.

  7. Sabaru Engineering

    Specs are very good but exterior design is not enough.. In my opinion 2015 HP Omen Pro 15 better looking than HP Zbook Series these days

  8. Michael Konečný

    "Nice metal cover" [plasticky sound]

  9. who this laptop for the rich i can,t afford $1,200 bucks that a lot of money but some people have more money the brains and don,t see the value of money but that how people is now days.

  10. Andrew Graham

    Does the fingerprint sensor work in Linux? They all seem to keep dropping the ball on this.

  11. Andrew Graham

    Does the fingerprint sensor work in Linux? They all seem to keep dropping the ball on this.

  12. A couple of quick questions that I don't think were answered in your video. I know you mentioned the 1 m.2 ssd, but is there any option at all to add a second drive? I am assuming if there was you would have mentioned it, but just hoping for a definitive answer. Also what are your thoughts on pairing something like this with an egpu and do you know how many pcie lanes it has? I have the oppurtunity to get this laptop with the i5, intel graphics, 1080p screen for about $1k new but hoping to add another drive and use an egpu. Thanks!

  13. What’s the Acer counterpart of this? Which is cheaper?

  14. How would you say this compares to the HP Envy. I know that seems an odd comparison but they have the same cpu and at the moment for a similar configuration they are about the same price (UK). I love that this has upgradable ram but I like the slim more portable envy. Mostly for music/audio production so not too fussed by graphics. I am starting to be won over by a touch screen now!

  15. سامر العبادي

    The design is soo bored and old 😣

  16. Denis Javorskij

    Cheers for review. Thinking of buying bigger display model 15.6 inch. Model: 6TP59EA. Anything else I should consider? many thanks.

  17. Ondrej Vojir

    no way micro sd card. no thanks HP.

  18. Should you review the Lenovo 43s I hope you’ll compare this laptop with it. I would be very interested in seeing how the AMD gpu compares to the Quadro pP520 in the Lenovo.

  19. Garol Stipock

    HP Z-books. The best laptops I've had the pleasure to use. Thank gawd the company paid for it.. cost a bomb the way it was spec'd.

  20. Catherine Hyper

    is there anyone want to test usb c dongle for usb c laptop? I would like to send you the free one.😃😃

  21. Removable ram? Already better than x390! Sad thing there is lack of middle button so trackpoint wont be as good. This and 3:2 screen would make it my next buy.

  22. Kenneth john

    HP is suck in 2005

  23. Wide screen bezels give the designer room to make your laptop stronger.

  24. Asus Zenbook 14 smashes this all day everyday, HP laptops have the worst battery life/optimization ever, and I should know, I'm a sys admin with a fleet of HP endpoints.. But they're very IT pro friendly with class leading IT security features

  25. Hi Lisa, I bought a year and a half ago the zbook 14u G5 with the i7-8550U for my personal use and the cooling is not great at all and the chassis is the same. as G6. Repasting the thing only got better by a very little margin, if any. Maybe new Intel's U generation CPUs are cooler than last year's, or did you get an i5 sample that probably doesn't heat much. I've got a work laptop with the i5-8300U from last year and it doesn't as i7 version.

  26. Hi! Did you heard eluktronics mag 15, Dave review it several days ago. I just can’t believe the thermal performance part, so it would be great if you could review it and get get a more solid review than Dave’s.

  27. The new X1 Carbon wins in every category compared to this, hands down.

  28. This design and bezels are unacceptable!

  29. man fingerprintsensor looks ugly
    keyboard looks ugly since it has diffrent key color than the body
    and the hinge is ugly.. hope they change that

  30. Danish Shamim

    I have a G5 from work for software development , I'm pretty surprised by this machine , pretty good – i7 , 32 gb , 500 mb m.2

  31. This is almost identical to the Elitebook 840 G5 in terms of looks at least. I'm using that as my company daily driver and I have to say it's veeeery far from a Thinkpad. The build quality is OK-ish, the keyboard is outright horrible, the overall performance is pretty weak (with 16GB RAM and i7-8550U), the screen is a very reflexive matte display that's difficult to see even in office conditions most of the time. The trackpoint is not usable at all and the cutouts on the keyboard make typing an even worse experience.
    I'd ditch the whole concept and go with a Thinkpad anytime.

  32. Can you do a smack down on the dell insipiron black edition and the x1 yoga 4th gen?

  33. Hi mobile tech reviews. I love your content. Can you recommend me your #1 top choice for a 13-14 inch laptop that's great for photo and video editing? Thanks so much.

  34. The other John Smith

    Almost! This is everything I need in a laptop, except an SD card reader. Why is that always missing these days? Are there no photographers in the world that want this? I don't get it.

  35. According to the openCL score, this gpu has a bit lower performance (about 10%) than my 860m from 2014. Hmm.
    Otherwise, it looks good.

  36. Ondrey is wandering

    What do you say about new business Acer Travelmate p614? In the highest config? 👌👌 Really light, good power, nice price.💵

  37. It looked really interesting, until we came to the CPU, not what I look for in a Mobile Workstation….. I really want to do some work on it, not just day to day stuff.

  38. Vincent Ukhebi

    Hi Lisa Gade, I highly value your in-depth reviews on electronic gadgets and would like you to kindly do an "HP Elite X2 1013 G3 Review" and inbox me the link, but if you have, kindly forward me the link. Thanks.

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