HUGE Leveraged ETF and Best Stocks To Buy Now 2021 (10X)

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Huge leveraged ETF and the best stocks to buy now. Join our private community over at Patreon to talk stocks that could grow your portfolio to new levels. I will have exclusive materials as we move forward and my own stock purchases and a brand new high growth portfolio that I am sharing with everyone. If you want to have a one on one person to help you, then this is a must for any serious investor. We just got our private Discord up and running as well.

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This is all about the best stocks to buy now and the best ETF to buy now. I am going to go over a few stocks that give us some huge opportunity to going forward. I start with talking about the CVS stock price prediction and how high I see that stock possibility going in the next year. CVS stock price has been very beat down over the last few months, giving it a great low p/e for 2021.

The next stock from the best stocks to buy now 2021 is Prudential. The PRU stock price prediction is all about taking advantage of another stock with some great value in it. This company is solid for 2021 and has a p/e of around 6 for 2021 as well. This is a chance to add this on before it starts a run to doubling. I see this being solid stock going forward with a ton of opportunity.

The third security in the best ETF to buy now is FNGU. The FNGU stock price prediction is tricky, due to the fact that it is made up of 10 different stocks. FNGU stock gets you 3 times the returns that the underlying stocks get you. So if they are up 5%, you make 15%. But on the other side of the coin, if the stock market drops by 10%, we will lose 30%. FNGU stock is not to be traded if you cannot handle the risk that comes from a leveraged ETF.

At the end of the day, when we look at the best stocks to buy now and the best ETF to buy now for 2021, we have three great opportunities to look at going forward. The Apple stock price prediction and the Tesla stock price prediction and the Facebook stock price prediction and PRU stock price prediction are all looking good. The TSLA stock price has been going well lately.

When it comes to the top stocks to buy now and later, the Apple stock price is one of the best. The CVS stock price prediction in the video is based on fundamentals. The FNGU stock price prediction is also based on the underlying fundamentals. The PRU stock price prediction should also hold very true going forward. The Stock Moe video here is for entertainment only. 🙂 The stock market has been a bit crazy lately, so please always invest with safely. These are some of the best stocks to buy now and some of the top stocks to buy now for 2021.

Stock Moe’s content is for entertainment only. In no event will Stock Moe be liable for any loss or damage including, without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of Stock Moe content on YouTube, Patreon, and Discord. Stock Moe is no longer a licensed broker/financial planner. All financial decisions made by the viewer should be done after talking with a licensed professional. Everything on the Stock Moe channel is for entertainment only. Stock Moe’s video content may change over time, or become outdated or invalid. Stock Moe reserves the right to change his opinions and entertainment content at any time. I also have affiliate links in this description that I can earn money off of to help support the channel. Thank you from Stock Moe.

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  1. Join our private community over at Patreon to talk stocks that could grow your portfolio to new levels. I will have exclusive materials as we move forward and my own stock purchases and a brand new high growth portfolio that I am sharing with everyone. If you want to have a one on one person to help you, then this is a must for any serious investor. We just got our private Discord up and running as well. TWITTER: for more stock picks.

  2. One thing that I have noticed across your videos is that you talk about P/E and fair value as around 15 as a reason to buy a stock, and use that same measure across all stocks to buy if the P/E is under what you deem as "fair value". yes the 10 year SPY average P/E is 14.7 but that a blanket measure and is completely irrelevant when looking at individual stocks. There are so many other factors that determine what multiple an investor is willing to pay for a stock, Why don't you ever talk about comps to value stocks? much more relevant, Just something to think about!

  3. Moe you grew almost 10% more subscribers through the weekend! Congrats man

  4. Pinterest is a very good bet. Potentially Amazon will be taking it over in the near future, as Walmart bought a share in Tik Tok!

  5. NNDM is on a NIce Rally and a Beautiful Price for more Profit. $4 a share right now, for insane gains, is there. Nano Dimension. NNDM. Another is SELB and weed stock, SNDL. $0.30 a share. SNDL. You're welcome. Pounce on that.

  6. Ubisoft please take my advice i am going keep messagibg you until i see youve seen my message because litterally its going to make crazy money in the next 10 days get it while its not being bought


  8. Stock Moe you really do know your stuff. Thank you for helping my family make money. Much appreciated.

  9. Great video! When you would have more spots for your beginner level patreon? I’ve been wanting to join but all I can afford is the $5-10 a month level of subscription, but I see that it’s all sold out.

  10. I disagree with your first two picks. I think PLTR is fastest growing stock with real earnings and it has 10x to 100x growth potential.

  11. Stock Moe, what trading platform are you using when you're showing us your screen?

  12. I'd like to buy n hold for 12 months or so, but… the big V has killed my Art show biz, so I'm trading to pay the bills, these days…

  13. Tks for another great video. You might wanna look at BEPC and TIGR, I have been making quite an amount with these two stocks and it does not seem like they are about to stop.

  14. Your opinion on Virgin Galactic would be 👍🏼 I built up an 7k position leading to 10k! I love it even more then nio & co…

  15. Appreciate your very well researched videos!
    Do you also have an opinion on Ehang (NASDAQ: EH) ?

  16. I hope your rise of Subscribers is an Indicator for NioStock 😛
    Then the future will be sooooo good 🙂
    Congrats u deserve it, great videos!

  17. Heyo Moe, thanks for all the knowledge, what program are you using to check out the charts? 🙂

  18. Please help. Moe, I bought some NIO the other day around $40 (I tried buying earlier in the week but kept missing my buy target as the stock kept going up). I'm thinking of buying more on Monday but a little scared the stock will drop after earnings. Having said that I can easily see this hitting $200 in the next 5 years. I'm trying to work out how to make my next move. Don't know if I should patiently wait for a dip or just finish building my position and hold. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.

  19. The 2020 Real estate investment is good but i rather invest my money in crypt

  20. Hey Moe I greatly appreciate you sharing all your knowledge, I been investing for little over 5 years and playing catch up now unfortunately. School or college doesn't teach this stuff unfortunately. I manage about 65 soldiers from the age of 18 and up and I have spent the last year teaching them on how to open up their Roth and how to use a compounder calculator. I believe I have been able to get to trough most of my soldiers and hopefully better prepared them for the future. Glad that there still few good people like you out there to help others.

  21. 8:48 what exactly do you mean that there's margins you got to keep covered? And that there's rules/extra money you got to keep in your account? Where can I find this information?

  22. What about SSO? You recommend it on your first video, and it's current price is pretty good

  23. Have you seen AMD stock? They're releasing a new lineup of CPU's which directly destroys intel in performance in every sector. And they are releasing new GPU's which directly competes with NVidia. AMD is the better value this year and I can't see AMD slowing down anytime soon. They're killing it in this market. I wish I was into stocks sooner, otherwise, I would've held AMD when it first released its new Ryzen CPU's.

  24. Hey moe. Is buying 3x stocks like this the same as buying normal indexes that just moves times 3 or do You have to pay some extra fees for 3x?

  25. Thank you Moe for you re hard work!!so glad i came across you re chanel right from the start a couple of months ago

  26. Do a video on HOW you pick these stocks please. Teach us HOW TO fish 🐠 😉

  27. Great information tonight my friend. I'll see ya tomorrow for the live chat!

  28. Started following you from last week and boy I have seen most of your videos now. APPS was up 12$ this week which you called at 30$ last week. Cant wait to watch you live. Thanks nd much appreciated 👍👍

  29. Good move recommending some classic American stock staples. Winners don’t all come in shiny packages.