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Today’s Crypto News: Bitcoin & Altcoins Recovery | $1.5 Trill Market Cap

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0:00 Intro
1:33 Bitcoin
4:33 Overall Market
6:54 F2 Pool
7:30 Long Squeeze
10:44 Coinbase
13:02 Headlines
26:43 Q&A

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  1. All recommendations about CHAMPTOOL is true he’s the best reliable and very fast in jobs CHAMPTOOL you’re the most trusted..

  2. All recommendations about CHAMPTOOL is true he’s the best reliable and very fast in jobs CHAMPTOOL you’re the most trusted..

  3. it’s a very long process but it really end up with testimony God bless 247smarthackercom for getting back my lost.

  4. I find it incredible that not a single youtube channel mentioned this but Chinese New Year happened. That's it. BTC drops every year on the first day of Chinese New Year. Why?! Because Chinese people are selling so they can give presents to their family!! It's that simple.

  5. Great research mate! I see that Atomic wallet is one of the leading non custodial wallet to store, exchange and stake cryptocurrencies (upto 23% apr for AWC token staking) and supported other major coins such as BAND, ATOM, XTZ, ZIL etc. for staking which is pretty awesome, Can you please review it and let us all know more about this wallet?

  6. George would Apple joining crypto/Apple pay not be a potential threat to Flexa and AMP down the line? Trying to think long term picture?

  7. Love the cash register thingy! You should expand to a full blown sound machine like Jim Cramer's, with all the bells and whistles. "Buy buy buy!" "Sell sell sell!"

    Great info in your vids, George. Love watching them.

  8. How do some people have such large amounts of money in crypto but ask questions like it's their first day researching. Like you're telling me you're smart enough to have 400k extra cash lying around but you go all in on crypto after one YouTube video… like how yall got that kind of cash lol

  9. Got me some discounts yesterday. I've been through this since 2017 so I was thankful for a quick sale on coins

  10. More BTC goes up more I'm in for alts. Hard to stack BTC at this price already

  11. Does that mean that we have to watch out for April 14?

  12. looks like another long squeeze might come today lol. Oh I bet Bitboy is pissed

  13. 17:30 if we continue to follow these charts we are about to break 50k, up to around 75-80k, retest around 50k, then up to 100k area……

  14. It seems a bit too late for NULS as DOT and ADA are in the lead, isn't it?

  15. So full of drama queens now some YouTubers amongst the the most pathetic 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😜🤪

  16. XHV XHV XHV Haven Protocol will be a 2021 top performer research it fast! Kucoin…

  17. I had 3k of ADA stomped out, but I also was able to load up on more BTC and Eth. The loss sucks but I have made most of it back already.

  18. saw dat shit on sale lastnight, bought 2k more hahahhhahah!!!! keep em coming

  19. Glad I listened and bought more EGLD and more ADA and more THETA on the dip. Thanks George

  20. I would have bought the shit out if that dip but sadly the old financial system is sooooo slow 🐌 I'm still waiting to get my fiat to buy in. 😫 The question now is can I get in south of 50k or north of 50k. PS I don't buy low and sell high, I buy whenever possible and I never sell!

  21. Once Paypal and Apple pay run crytpo payments AMP and all those E-commerce plays will be dead.

  22. It's such a simple concept. Dips will happen. Buy low sell high. Keep preaching it some will get it 💯 👌 💪